COVID-19 Era Notification

Program Guidelines & Restrictions- do not register unless these are agreed to and can be met.

1 - Classes Offerings:

Classes will be limited to private lessons, only, or semi-privates with other household members, only.

2 – No Touch Teaching:

Instructors will not be making physical contact with students except in cases of emergency. They will be teaching/instructing from the deck or from within the pool but from at least 6ft away from the participant(s).

 A – For classes in which the athlete is totally self-supportive (all School-age Beginner 3 and above classes) it will be just the instructor and the student. These may be private or semi-private lessons.

B – For classes in which the athlete is NOT self-supportive (all Pre-School classes, all School Age Beginner 1.2, 1.2 and 2 classes and all Adult Beginner 1 & 2 classes) we will require that an water safe adult be in the water with the student to help support them and aid them under the directions & guidance of the instructor. Life guards and proven (high school or summer league participation proof required) swimmers under the age of 18 will be allowed as the student's assistant. These will be private lessons, only, right now.

3 – Spectators/Attendees:

Students are limited to 1 spectator which would include their in-water support adult if that is required.

4 – Masking Policy:

Students, instructors & spectators/in-water support adults must be masked entering into and exiting the facility. Spectators must be masked while watching lessons if they are on deck. No one need be masked in the water. Instructors may take their mask off during the course of  active instruction. Note that this is a health club and others may not be wearing masks within the facility.

5 - Other Swimming Pool Use:

There is a lap lane open in the pool we are using. Others may be using the pool but we will keep them separate from our participants during classes. 

6 – Locker Rooms:

There will be no locker room use for changing purposes as anyone entering the water must arrive to the pool with their suit on under their clothes and depart the same. There will be no “deck changing” (getting into or out of swimming suits on deck with a towel wrapped around you or however that could be accomplished.

7 - Bathroom Use:

Only in emergency situations can these be used during class time (not before or after). Please have your participant(s) use the bathroom before arriving to the facility. It might be a good idea to restrict their food and/or fluid intake a bit for the 2 hour time period before your class.


We have not rushed this process nor made decisions based on what is good for our "business" over what is actually best for our participants, their families, our facilities, facility staff and our instructors. As facilities open and guidelines are determined we will open up more operations. For now we will start strictly at CORE 44 Fitness Wyandotte. 

The days ahead will be challenging for sure. But we are strong and we are resilient and a vast majority of us may well be in the same place. None of us are alone. We have one another and we have our communities. During this time may you rediscover the fresh air, quality interaction with your immediate family, your own creativity & ingenuity, communications with those you've swayed away from over time, getting to projects that have sat idle due to your busy schedule, patience, understanding, and the importance of your community and family.    

Steve Nye 



Swimming Lesson Information

This program has been in operation since the late 80's and is structured to be one of the most progressive swimming lesson program designs to be found making it a model program in the industry. We teach basic in-water survival techniques as well as advanced competitive swimming skills to our participants in an intricately well-structured and well-organized manner.





Important Documents For Standard Programming

Youth Lesson Brochure This gives you the information on all of our costs, dates, days & time along with specific registration instructions.


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Adult Lesson Brochure This gives you the information on all of our costs, dates, days & time along with specific registration instructions.



The Award Winning Greater Columbus Swim School Receives Outstanding Cooperative Support


♦ We have been chosen as central Ohio’s #1 lesson program in the 2009 Nickelodeon’s Parent’s Pick Awards

♦ We have been chosen as “Best of Columbus” in 2011, 2012, 2014, 2015 & 2020 by the US Commerce Association

 ♦ We have been chosen as one of the USA Swimming Foundation’s local partners, and one of a very few select grant recipients nationwide in their national Make A Splash campaign from 2010-2014

 ♦ We have been chosen as a 2014-2019 partner for Nationwide Children's Autism Speaks Camp Series with financial grant support for this program extended by Nationwide 

♦ We have been chosen by the city of Gahanna, the city of Canal Winchester, the city of Grandview Heights & Plain Township as their swimming lesson program of choice offering our program structure at all of their pools during the summer

 ♦ We have been chosen by The Columbus Academy to offer swimming lessons to their students through their After School Experience program and to the entire community through their Summer Experience program

♦ We have been chosen to work with the Columbus Pool Management Group to assist in offering swimming lessons to several of their facilities


We are honored to have such fantastic support from such recognized and renowned entities!