Instructors Needed

Photo by Slyvain Cordier


"The Greater Columbus Swim School" is the instructional program of the Greater Columbus Swim Team of Ohio 


The GCSS needs mature, motivated swimming instructors to help fill their instructor needs. All GCSS instructors must be CPR, FA & LG certified (minimum requirements). As well, we require that all of our instructors review our own "Instructor's Training Course" (ITC) and complete an ITC test compiling a perfect score. This course deals with everything from our course content to procedures on making physical contact with participants to the actual safety guidelines of the facilities that we use. As well, we have each new instructor serve a 4-5 hour apprenticeship whereby they volunteer to teach along side of one of our other instructors so that we can see how they interact with participants and so that they can see how our program works... or flows if you will. Our instructors start at no less than $14 per hour and are paid up to $21+ per hour based on experience. Our classes are kept very small (1-5 students max), which makes teaching a much more pleasant experience. With the many locations that we have we are in much need of additional instructors to keep up with our continued growth. If you are interested in becoming an instructor with our program, please send a brief cover letter and/or resume' to Steve Nye, GCSTO, 266 Cliffview Drive, Gahanna, OH 43230. This can also be e-mailed to me at [email protected]. if you would like or you may also call me at 614-478-5445.

We can get you started with your apprenticeship and certification process if you qualify so please contact us right away if you are interested. And if you know other instructors who might be interested in this please pass our information on to them if you would. THANKS!