The origin of the Hydra

As pools across the country reemerge, from the depths of central Ohio a legend is brought to life. The ancient and powerful, nine-headed Hydra is known to protect its waters, harnessing the power of regeneration: cut off one head; two more emerge in its place. At the center is the immortal head which is impossible to defeat. Its presence instills one message in all of those affected by its power: We will always be STRONGER THAN BEFORE! 


Latest News

Introducing the Byers Family Aquatic Pavilion

A new partnership between Byers Auto Group and Hydra Aquatics was signed recently, creating a unique opportunity for Byers to become the legend sponsor...

By Hydra Aquatics

Hydra Aquatics in production of a new Broadwell Airdome

A new Broadwell Airdome is coming to the Jefferson Country Club pool. Hydra Aquatics is excited to announce that Broadwell Airdome has begun production...

By Hydra Aquatics

Hydra Aquatics announces partnership with CrossFit Future as dry-land and conditioning partner

CrossFit Future's base training method is broad, general and inclusive functional fitness that will support Hydra Aquatics' goals for each swimmer: BROAD in that...

By Hydra Aquatics

Hydra Aquatics announces partnership with Jefferson Country Club

I, Jeff Riegler Executive Director Hydra Aquatics, am excited to announce that our Board has agreed to enter into an agreement with Jefferson Country...

By Hydra Aquatics

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