Your swimmer will need to bring certain equipment to each practice, depending upon their specific coach’s requirements. We recommend you have the following equipment, but check with your swimmer’s coach for specific group needs:

·                  Kick Board

·                  Water Bottle

·                  Swim Fins

·                  Towel

·                  Swim Cap

·                  Pull Buoy

·                  Swim Suit

·                  Swim Paddles 

·                  Goggles

·                  Mesh Bag (for equip)











It’s  a good idea to have an extra cap and an extra pair of goggles on hand at all times since either can easily break during practices or meets. WAVE provides one free Team cap per swimmer, and you can purchase additional Team caps from the Board. Only WAVE caps may be worn at swim meets. Kick boards, fins, and other items can be purchased at the Fall Kick-Off or from a swim specialty store. Swim sandals are useful but not required at our facility (keep in mind that some of the away-meet facilities require swim sandals be worn on deck.) Mesh bags can be found in the laundry section of any department store. Swimmers should bring their swim equipment to every practice. Locker rooms and showers are available at the Recreation Center for swim team use.

You may also purchase team suits; however, it is not a requirement. Fittings will be held at the Fall Kick-Off. If you join the team after the Kick-Off and wish to purchase a team suit, contact Parrot Sports Gear or one of our Board Members for assistance. Our team suits are plain black and for nominal charge the “WAVE” logo or embroidered letters can be added to the suit. Again, you are not required to purchase a team suit.

You can also purchase team sweatshirts and t-shirts. This “Spirit” wear is strongly encouraged, but not required. It is always a rewarding feeling to see a good showing of WAVE spirit wear on deck especially at away meets. These are usually offered at the Fall Kick-Off meeting or you can contact a Board member or Parrot Sports Gear for more information.