Upon registration, you will be required to sign up for a job that supports team operations.  These jobs generally take just a few hours a year.  In addition, KCST holds three home meets during the short course season:  one in November, January and the Regional meet in February.  Since these meets are in essence fundraisers for the team and the proceeds help keep our fees low, every family is required to support the successful hosting of these meets by working at each home meet.  The required number of sessions is determined by the number of families who join the team, but is generally 3-4 sessions per home meet.

Families are required to work during each meet hosted by KCST even if they do not have a swimmer participating in the meet.

A typical meet usually has five sessions: Friday evening, Saturday morning, Saturday afternoon, Sunday morning and Sunday afternoon. If you have enough family members/relatives/friends willing to work, you could actually meet all your work requirements in one session. For example, if Mom, Dad, Grandma and the swimmer all work a Saturday morning session, you will meet your four session work obligation for the meet.

Here are descriptions for the different work positions:

Announcer: This person is responsible for announcing when swimmers should report for events. If you want to learn the ropes of this position, please let us know and we can arrange for you to apprentice with a current announcer. The apprenticeship session may or may not count towards your total session commitment depending on how well staffed we are for the meet in question. This position requires previous experience/training.


Awards: This position requires several workers at each session. This group (usually 2-3 people) is responsible for placing computer-generated labels on awards after each event is scored. The awards are then placed into a container for each participating team. We recommend new members pair up with an experienced member.


Computer Room: This person is responsible for recording and scoring the meet. This person posts deck entries, creates timer sheets, creates heat sheets for officials and coaches, validates times, prints and posts results from each event, makes adjustments to swimmer lane positions as required, and works with the Meet Referee/Meet Director regarding any issues that may arise during the meet. If you want to learn the ropes of this position, please let us know and we can arrange for you to apprentice with the current computer room engineer. The apprenticeship session may or may not count towards your total session commitment depending on how well staffed we are for the meet in question. This position requires previous experience/training.


Heat Sheet/Deck Entries/T-shirt Sales: At least two people are needed for this job, and must be at the pool at least fifteen minutes before warm-ups. This position will sell heat sheets, collect fees for deck entries, and sell T-shirts if provided. We recommend new members pair up with experienced members.


Hospitality: This job requires at least four to five people. You will put together trays of drinks and snacks and offer these refreshments to the volunteers and officials throughout the session. Additionally, some hospitality workers will organize and serve the meals for the coaches and officials working the meet. This is a great position to work during the session your child is swimming because you can go out and watch your swimmer, then return to your job. Wear comfortable walking shoes. This position does not require experience.


Marshal/Monitor/Clean-up Crew: Two or three people are needed for this job and they must be on deck before warm-ups. During warm-ups, Marshals sit on deck and ensure swimmers are entering the pool properly and are following all safety guidelines. After warm-ups are over, the Marshals serve as Meet Monitors. The Monitors periodically check the hallways, locker rooms and multi-purpose rooms to ensure swimmers are behaving appropriately and are observing fire code regulations, as well as respecting each other and the facility. During these walk-throughs, a visual inspection is done to ensure the Kettering Recreation Complex remains neat and clutter-free. Trash receptacles are checked and emptied if necessary. After each session, chairs are straightened, floors are vacuumed, and trash is taken out to the dumpster. This job is not for teenagers or anyone who has difficulty enforcing the n house rules.


Officiating: Officiating brings you as close to the swimming action as possible without actually being in the pool. Your officiating sessions will count towards your volunteer requirements. Additionally, if you officiate at away meets, you can deduct some expenses as a tax write-off. The team is always looking for individuals to become officials. If you are interested, please talk to the Head Coach or a Board member. There are usually spring and fall training sessions held locally. This position requires training and certification.


Timers: Timers manually operate stopwatches for the purpose of collecting back up times for every swimmer in every event and requires operating a stopwatch, pressing a timing button, and recording times on a sheet of paper. Each lane requires two timers for every session so the above listed tasks are divided. This position also requires verifying the swimmers name against the heat sheet prior to each race. This position provides a great view of the swim meet. Comfortable light clothing is recommended. This position does not require experience; timers are provided with training prior to the session.


Head Timer: This position is responsible for running two back–up stopwatches during the session. This position may also coordinate the positioning and coverage of timers for each session during the meet and may be asked to hand out the timer sheets during the timers meeting. This position requires previous timing experience.


Timing Judge: This position is responsible for receiving and validating the automatic printout from the timing equipment operator and comparing the results with the backup timing results. You may also need to obtain additional back-up times from the timers. This position is out on deck so comfortable light clothing is recommended. This position requires some training.


Timing System: This person is responsible for running the computer console that monitors the timing pads and controls the scoreboard display. The timing system sends results to the computer room after each race. The timing system operator also prints a copy for verification by the timing judge. The operator resets the clock after each heat and event. The person running the console must be familiar with the timing system and may be required to trouble-shoot on occasion. Parents who learn how to run the timing system and volunteer to run it during high school meets will receive a $50 credit towards their account. This position requires training.


OTHER: The folks in Hospitality work hard to solicit donations from local restaurants in addition to planning and preparing meals provided to our team between sessions at our home meets. Please support them when they ask for your help in preparing desserts, casseroles, side dishes, etc. Our families enjoy your cooking!