1.      Can I swim for the Anderson Barracudas and participate in other sports and activities?

YES!  In our 12 and under age groups, there are no attendance requirements. For swimmers 13 years of age and older, we offer two types of training groups. One path was developed for athletes to continue swimming with the team with no attendance requirement. The other path is offered for the swimmer who has decided that swimming is his/her main sport and wants to commit to a high level training program.

2.      What are the benefits of being both a YMCA and USA Swimming team?

Being both a YMCA and USA Swimming team allows our swimmers to participate in a variety of meets and at different competitive levels. We compete in local YMCA meets, as well as YMCA Nationals in Indianapolis, IN. Our swimmers also compete in local USA Swimming meets, as well as State and National meets. Whatever the swimmer’s goal, there is a path available to them.

3.      How convenient are practice times and locations?

Our main practice facility at ME Lyons YMCA in Anderson Township consists of 18 short course lanes. This offers our swimmers excellent access to and flexibility of training time, with almost no interruption of scheduled practice times throughout the season for non-Barracuda events. We have swimmers from all over the east side of Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky. Some live close by in Anderson Township, others come from areas such as Batavia, Ohio, and Burlington, KY who travel to our Anderson Township facility.

In addition, we have a satellite location at Campbell County YMCA in Ft. Thomas, KY for 12 and under swimmers.

4.      What is the parent volunteer commitment for the Barracudas?

For a program of this size, we ask our parents for a minimal volunteer commitment. Currently, we host 2 invitational meets and 1 championship meet during the winter season. Parents are asked to work 28 service hours during the short course season (September 1-April 30) and 14 service hours during the long course season (May 1-August 31). This commitment is significantly less than some teams, which host as many as 4 meets during the season and require parents to work each day of the meet and/or hold a position on a parent committee.

5.      The Barracudas have excellent distance freestyle swimmers. What is your level of success in other strokes and distances?

Our swimmers have had success in distance freestyle events, but also in every other stroke and distance.Swimmers in our program will have the opportunity to swim all events, including distance events, in order to expose them to all aspects of swimming and develop their talents to their highest potential.

6.      Do I have to be a member of the YMCA to join the Barracudas?

In general, yes. However, our costs are competitive with other local teams. We do have a High School Group in the Fall that practices until November 1st, giving high school swimmers the chance to get a “jump start” prior to the beginning of the high school swim season. These swimmers do not need to be YMCA members.