Augusta Swim Supply and Speedo

ABLY has a contract with Speedo.  This agreement allows us to receive discounts on equipment, swim suits as well as coaches items and team gear.  This also helps provide discounted or free items for National Team qualifiers. Swimmers and staff are expected to use Speedo brand products when representing the M.E. Lyons YMCA/Anderson Barracudas.

Team suit, team caps (provided), and team shirts (provided) are required for all meets. 

Warm ups and other spiritwear are optional.


Our new team vendor is Augusta Swim Supply.  Swimmers and families can order team suits, bags, warm ups and practice equipment through the Augusta Swim Supply website. Any suit, warm ups, parka, bags etc will show up with our team logo on them.  They have embroidery ability at their shop.


How to Access:

  1. Visit
  2. Click on TEAM LOGIN on the top right of the page.  ABLY is our login,  1234 is our password.   
  3. Select the desired training group from the welcome page. 
  4. Order as needed! $5 shipping, no matter the size of the order!



2019-20 Season Equipment Lists


  • Cudas:  mesh bag, kickboard, fins
  • Bronze:  mesh bag, kickboard, fins
  • Silver:  mesh bag, kickboard, fins, pull buoy, TYR paddles
  • Pre-Senior:  mesh bag, kickboard, fins, pull buoy, TYR paddles
  • Senior 2: mesh bag, kickboard,  short fins, pull buoy, TYR paddles, snorkel
  • Senior 1: mesh bag, kickboard, short Speedo fins, pull buoy  TYR paddles, (Speedo snorkel for distance swimmers)

                     ---> please mark all equipment with child's name on them

All items are available at Augusta Swim Supply on Pages 2 & 3 of the ABLY team page.