Funding A New Bulkhead

Nikolaus Balmer
Jun 26, 2019

Anderson Barracuda members, families, friends, and alumni,

Approximately 23 years ago, we were able to find a bridge engineer from Tucson, Arizona to design and build a bulkhead for our pool when the Dome became a reality.  It was a custom design to the specific depth and made to turn our pool into two short course pools in the winter and deconstructed in the summer in order to train long course.  It can also be taken out in segments during the short course season to make a couple of lanes long course. A great advantage for Christmas training etc. This is the only bulkhead I have ever seen with this flexibility.

As you may have guessed, 23 years later the metal portion is badly rusted, pitted and needs to be replaced.  Mark Lingo, a member of our AB family, and his company will be replacing the metal portion with stainless steel.  We need to raise the necessary funds over the spring and summer so that the new bulkhead can be ready for the 2019-2020 short course season.  The cost will be $16K for laser measurement and to manufacture a duplicate in stainless steel.

In order to make this repair, we need your help to raise $16,000 by the start of short course season as this will be a team funded purchase.  Our goal is to raise half the funds via corporate sponsors and raise the other $8,000 by the team and alumni.  The Alumni has currently raised $1000, a good start.  No donation is too small or too big!  This will be tax deductible.

Please help your team so the dedicated swimmers can carry on the great tradition of ABLY. As always, thank you for all your hard work and support!  Everything we have accomplished and will accomplish as a team would not be possible without you!

Please click on link below to make contribution.

Go AB!

Ed Bachman/

Director of Competitive Swimming ME Lyons YMCA