Masters ~ Season starts in 2 weeks

Christopher John Rushman

Good evening fellow Master swimmers,

We start official workouts on Monday, October 5th.

Due to the building hours, our practice will be the following times;

Monday – Wednesday – Friday workouts begin at 6:15 am and end at 7:15 am. This is allowing people to get into the facility and get a full hour workout.

Tuesday & Thursday workouts will begin at 7:15 pm and end at 8:15 pm. We must be out of the building by 8:30 pm.

Saturday practices will remain at 7 am and go until 8 am just like the summer.

Please be sure to get registered through the team website;

If you are NOT RegisteredYOU MAY NOT SWIM, NO EXCEPTIONS! This will be strictly enforced.

This fall we will begin our 24th year as a Master’s program.


See you in two weeks.

Take care,

C.J. Rushman

Masters Swim Coach

USMS~ASCA Level 3 Certified Coach

USMS ALTS Certified Instructor

USA Triathlon Level 1 Certified Coach