AB Masters ~ mid-month update

Christopher John Rushman

Good morning, Master Swimmers.


This is your mid-November Masters monthly update. Thank you for making workouts a priority and filling the lanes. I hope everyone is looking forward to Thanksgiving and the long weekend that accompanies it.


  1. Starting on Saturday, November 21st, I will video strokes for those individuals that are interested in seeing their current technique. There will be sign-ups available on the website. This will be done over several weekends to give everyone an opportunity who is interested.  I will use your device so that you have it immediately available for review.


  1. No practice on Thursday, November 26th since this is Thanksgiving Day, and the Y is closed.


  1. Friday, November 27th morning practice will begin at 6:30 am and last until 8 am.


Again, thank you to all for your support and interest in Masters.

Take care,

C.J. Rushman

ASCA/USMS Level 3 Certified Coach

USA Triathlon Level 1 Certified Coach