Parent Participation Requirements 



Our M.E. LYONS YMCA/Anderson Barracudas is a great swim program for lots of reasons. We have great coaches and a great facility for meeting the demands of a big swim team. The tradition of excellence for ABLY swimming sets a high bar for all our swimmers to strive for. Our kids learn tremendous life lessons about discipline, determination, and sportsmanship.

As parents, we should feel good about the program and all that our kids get out of it. We also need to recognize how much work it takes to manage and continue to improve the program. The YMCA provides much of our support – full and part time coaches, administrative support and facility maintenance and improvement. For any swim program, and especially for one as big and successful as ours, there is much to be done beyond that professional support. 

Our parents are crucial in managing and executing our M.E. LYONS YMCA/Anderson Barracudas Swim Team. We work closely to set program direction with our YMCA Branch Director and our Head Coach. We plan and execute multiple swim meets throughout the season. We provide support to the coaches in each age group via parent communication/coordination and special events for the kids. To manage costs, we augment Y staff in erecting the dome each year and in maintaining the bulkhead and the balance of the facility. 

As such, we need all our parents to help in running our program. The commitment starts with signing up to work at our home meets, and the requirements for each family are included on this web page. Importantly though, meet workers represent only a small portion of all the work we need to do. For our kids, AB represents a tremendous part of their development. It’s up to us to make it work.

ABLY hosts (5) home swim meets from September- July. There are benefits to hosting meets; they generate additional revenue for the team, it’s a benefit to our swimmers as they are more comfortable at their home pool, and without home meets we would be traveling to more away meets which would require a lot travel and hotel expenses.



Running a home meet takes hundreds of volunteers and because of this we require our AB families to work  meet sessions. 

What is a session?

Meets are divided into sessions; there are a number of meet sessions during our season, September - July:

  • Larry Lyons Meet (5+) sessions
  • the Winter Cuda Meet (2+) sessions
  • A Champs (5+) sessions
  • AA Champs (7+) sessions
  • Summer Cuda (4+) sessions
  • Summer LC Champs (8+) sessions

How long does a session last?

They usually last at least 4 hours. You need to be at your job at the start time listed and you need to be in your position until the meet is over. Please note, times listed on the signup can change. Be in the know of the first warmup time and the official meet start times given by coaches or updated on our website. If you have a question on arrival, please ask! 

What kind of jobs are offered? 

A list and description of all job activities offered at hosted events can be found here.


Our expectation is that each family will make every effort to support our team with their time, talents, and energy. Parental support and involvement is vital to the success and growth of our team.

ABLY has instituted a MANDATORY worker requirement for all Barracuda families from September- July. The following applies to each family, regardless of # of swimmers, or the level of meet participation.

Family Worker Requirement:

(1) Session of our Larry Lyons Meet; if you have swimmers in multiple age group sessions, you are required to work 1 job per age group session.

For example, you have a Cuda swimmer and a Senior 2 swimmer. You will be required to work (1) job and (1) session for each swimmer. If you have 2+ swimmers in the same age group session, you will need to work (2) jobs

(1) Session of the Winter Cuda Classic; if you have more than 1 swimmer, you will need to work (2) sessions

(1) A/AA SCY Championship Meet Session; if you have swimmers at both the A and AA meet you are required to work (1) session at both meets or (1) session per age group session

(1) Session at our Summer Cuda Classic 

(1) Session of our LC Championship Meet; if you have swimmers in different sessions, you are required to work (1) job, (1) session of each.

Any position that supports the team over 4 hours, i.e. the picnic, bulkhead installation, dome setup/take down or award filing will count towards (1) session.

A $75 fee will be charged to your account after each meet if the requirements are not fulfilled.

Non-ABLY Hosted Away Meets

Hosting teams often require visiting teams to supply timers. The timing shifts will be defined by the length of the meet and the number of ABLY swimmers attending the meet. Families who have swimmers participating in an away meet (any meet not hosted by ABLY) will be asked to help fulfill those needs.

Timing at away meets are not included in our required sessions. 

Long Distance Events

Parents of swimmers in the long-distance events (400 IM, 400/500 Free, 800/1000 Free or 1500/1650 Free) may be responsible for timing those events in addition to their required sessions.

The intent of this policy is to emphasize how important it is that we all work together to maintain the high ABLY standards and to help more evenly share the effort required to provide well run meets and activities for our children. We cannot run a meet without adequate parental support. ABLY appreciates your support and involvement.



Job position signups will be posted on the AB website roughly 14 days prior to the event and can only be viewed once you are logged in. Click on “Calendar”, “Team Events.” Next to the meet title click “Job Signup” tab that will take you to the volunteer signup page. Click on the box next to the position you wish to volunteer for. The family name will appear (ex. "John and Jane Smith”). Clicking one box commits one family member to one position (even if both of your names appear on the signup). If both parents wish to volunteer, you must check 2 boxes.  

Be sure to sign up early for the jobs and times that work best for your family. If you do not sign up you will be assigned where necessary. If you cannot work your shift(s) it is your responsibility to find a replacement and notify the Volunteer Coordinator of the changes. Please keep in mind the inconvenience caused by not filling a position. Your swimmer does not have to be swimming the session or meet you are volunteering for.

All the volunteer positions are very easy and most require zero training. If training and/or certification is required, it will be specified on the signup page. The Volunteer Coordinator or someone knowledgeable of meet operations will be there at Volunteer Check-in to point you in the right direction.