The Lima Family YMCA Barracudas Swim Team is an organization that serves swimmers ages 5-19 of our area through a competitive swim program. To join the team, you must be able to swim one full length of the pool or have the permission of the coach. The program offers instruction, training and competition of swimming. The team participates in both YMCA and USA Swimming meets. The team and swimmers work to achieve caring, honesty, respect and responsibility by working within a structured and program. The Y Philosophy is everybody plays, everybody wins and we greatly look forward to working with your child!

Per National rules, swimmers must be Y members.

Our Mission...

The aim of the Lima YMCA Barracudas is to promote competitive swimming in the Greater Lima within the guidelines of the YMCA goals: 


Our swimmers enjoy the sport for the fun and the community they compete in. Each swimmer is aided to achieve and surpass their goals in Swimming, Education and Life.

The training at the earliest level focuses on fluency in the water, skill development, and having fun and enjoyment in practice and competition. As the swimmer matures, the emphasis will slowly shift to a more challenging training program without abandoning the concepts of fluency, skill and enjoyment.