Welcome, Swim Team Parents!

The Lima Family YMCA would like to thank all of its Swim Team Parents for their tireless efforts to make the Barracudas a success! It takes a lot of time to have a successful swimming program. You wait until a rainy day to clean your house. You do a lot of fast-food eating during the swim season, and you postpone some vacations. There's a lot involved. But if you're going to have a successful swim league, you've got to have the parents involved. You can't do it without them. 

Please BE GENEROUS with your time.  Remember: the success of our program and your children depends on the willingness of the parents to lend a hand.  Together, we can make this year a true success for our children!

Worker assignments include:

  • Set-up:  Four parents are needed to:  

    • Make sure lane lines are in the pool.  

    • Set up timing system.  

    • Make sure chairs and table are placed where they are required.  

    • Blocks must be in place, along with the recall rope and poles. 

    • Sound system must be ready.  

    • Arrive one hour prior to warm-ups beginning. 

  • Clean-Up:  Four per meet.  

    • All equipment must be put away properly 

    • All areas cleaned up properly.

  • Starter (Certified Level II Official):  Oversees a fair start.

  • Announcer:  Calls the event (1, 2, 3, etc.)  Announces the event that is on the blocks, on deck.

  • Officials (Certified Level I or II Officials):  Six officials are needed. ​

    • The Referee (one is required) has full authority over the meet and assures that all rules are being enforced.  

    • The Stroke & Turn Judges (4 required) watch swimmers as they race and report any violations of strokes and turns.  

    • All officials must be YMCA certified.  

    • If you are interested in becoming an official, please call the Aquatics Director.  The cost of the certification will be covered by the YMCA.

  • 16 timers:   
    • Two per lane at a home meet.  
    • Timing equipment must be activated for each lane.  
    • Special focus is needed for the start and finish of the race when operating the stopwatch.  
    • Times are recorded on an event slip.
  • Back-up Timer:  One person needed.  This person will operate two stopwatches to replace any timer that has a problem.
  • Clerk of Course:  Four people are needed.  This is the person that the swimmers go to line up for their event.
  • Runner:  One person is needed.  They must pick up the lane event slips from timers, and the D.Q. slips from officials after each heat/event and take them to the scorer’s table.
  • Ribbon Writers/Scorers:  Four people are needed.  
    • They must label and divide place ribbons for each event.  

    • Record results on the ribbons.  

    • Write officials time from timing system on lane slips and award & record event points.

  • Colorado System Operator:  Two people are needed to run this high-tech computer program that is utilized to assist in maintaining smooth operation of the meet. Arrive approximately 2 hours prior to meet.

Timing and runners require very little knowledge of the job; they're easy and fun! Set up and tear down require time before and after the meet. Clerk of Course and scoring require some learning, but aren't difficult. Colorado Timing is a bit more complicated, but we need more people who are willing to learn the job. Officials must be certified. Anyone interested can become certified; ask about a clinic!