NOTE:  Swim Levels are based on ability and maturity, and ultimately is the Coaches decision on a swimmer's level assessment.


Training is geared toward YMCA National competition and beyond.  The training emphasis for this group is high levels of endurance, strength and speed conditioning with technique refinement.  The swimmers will work on training longer distances, IM work, interval training and aerobic base development.  A mandatory dryland program is utilized to enhance core muscles for maximum performance and injury prevention.  This group is only for athletes committed to reaching their full swimming potential.  Year-round training and mandatory 4 practices per week is required.



This team is for the experienced competitive swimmer preparing for the Great Lakes Zone Championships and/or high school level of swimming.  Emphasis is placed on technique with a stronger conditioning experience.  Racing strategies and mental preparation is introduced.  Dryland exercises are also introduced at this level.  Lanes will be assigned based on timed performance.  At least four practices per week is recommended.



This level will introduce young, experienced swimmers and newer older swimmers to mild distance and endurance work.  Stroke, start and turn technique will be the primary focus for the group.  Lanes will be assigned based on timed performance.  Three to four practices per week are recommended.



This level will provide swimmers with at least 2 years of competitive swimming experience, and the continuation of learning the fundamentals of competitive swimming.  Swimmers should be able to legally swim the freestyle and backstroke, while butterfly and breaststroke should be at or near legal.  Emphasis is placed on stroke, start and turn refinement and preparation for the next level.  Two to three practices per week is recommended.



This level is for novice swimmers and those with less than 2 years competitive swimming experience.  The emphasis is to develop the fundamentals of all four strokes by mean of drills and games that create an enjoyable environment to develop their skills.  Two to three practices per week is recommended.