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  2. Click Home (located at top left corner on site page), this will take you to the main category page.

  3. Scroll down on the main home page and locate the Teams Icon and click on the icon shown.

  4. Scroll down to Lancaster YMCA  Once you find your team's icon click on it.

  5. Enter in LYST as the password, then press continue

    1. Please Note: Passwords are case sensitive

You are viewing your team's suit and equipment.

Any items ordered will be shipped as soon as possible, per shipping policy!

Suits: Competition swimwear is worn tightly to reduce drag. To care for your suit and prevent wear and tear, rinse your suit by hand with clear, cool water after use. For your competition suit, do not wear in your daily training while it is still new. Instead, purchase a “grab bag suit” from Kelly’s Poco Loco Swim Shop or online at!

Goggles: Fit is the most important aspect of swim goggles. They can leak or cause headaches if they aren't the proper fit. A quick test to see if they are the proper fit is to press the lens over your eyes without using the strap. If the goggles stay in place for a second after you let go, they should work fine for you once you get the strap adjusted.  Make sure the goggles fit comfortably on the bridge of your nose. You should keep a back-up pair of goggles in your swim bag as well; goggles are known to break while swimmers are consistently adjusting them. To care for goggles, simply allow them to fully dry between practices to discourage mildew and bacteria growth. Keep them out of direct sunlight and heat so the lenses won't distort.

Swim Caps: Swim Caps are worn by both girls and boys. They reduce drag in the water. Silicone caps are long lasting and comfortable. Silicone caps keep hair relatively dry and also keep goggle straps from slipping. To Care for your swim cap, rinse it in clear water after each use and allow it to air dry.