Suit Promotion from TYR

Monty Hopkins

TYR Families,

What a great weekend of racing! It’s been great to follow the successes of your swimmers.

A few house cleaning items:

  1. Please reach out to me at [email protected] for any sizing needs on racing suits both under 12 and 13 and up. We want to ensure your swimmers are properly fit and enjoying racing in TYR.
  2. We are willing to help with any need based under 12 and 13 and up tech suits. Please reach out to Michael Galindo [email protected] to get more info on the requirements for this program.
  3. We love seeing your swimmers on social media! Make sure when you are tagging @tyrsport and #teamtyr that your swimmers are wearing TYR products. We want to highlight these swims on TYR’s pages.

Thank you!

Joseph Eiden



Joseph Eiden

Northeast Sport Promotion Representative

P: 800-252-7878 | C: 714-615-3757

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