SWIM MEET THIS WEEKEND - Saturday, May 8 & Sunday, May 9

Monty Hopkins

Hello MAST Families,

First of all - HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all you mom's.

All of the information for the swim meet is posted on the "Events" page.

1) Estimated Time Line

2) Warm-up Assignments

3) MAST entries

4) Meet Information

5) Broadcast link

Early season meets are a great way to establish the baseline for each swimmer at the start of each season.  It is not unusual for "younger" swimmers to continue improvement from the end of the previous season while "older" swimmers may experience regression in performance. 

The reference to "younger" and "older" swimmers is not biological age. This is referring more to biological age (physical maturity) and "training" age (how long, and how well, the swimmer has been training at current levels).  

As always we encourage parents and friends to be as supportive as possible regardless of meet results. Coaches will learn a lot about each swimmer when the swimmers race and compare those races to what we see everyday at practice.

See you at the pool,