Marlin Holiday Wrap Up - Meet Update # 3 on Jan. 6 (spectator limits and Volunteer positions)

Monty Hopkins

Thank you MAST parents for stepping up and filling our quota for volunteer positions.

See below for live boxcast of meet in Balcony pool. 

Note, the meet will be in both pools so the swims in the scoreboard end do not appear, at this time, to have streaming. 

See meet information for swimmer pool assignments (Balcony & Scoreboard)

January 6, Update from meet host Cincinnati Marlins

VISITING TEAMS ONLY:   Here's the link for  Volunteer signups  for Sat AM AND SUNDAY AM timing and Sat & Sun PM team 'clerk' positions (watching the little kids for your coaches):    Volunteers must be ADULTS and wear masks.    Positions may not be split/shared - you will work the full session.  MARLINS FAMILIES, THIS IS FOR VISITING TEAMS ONLY.  PLEASE NOTE, IF YOU SIGN UP FOR THESE POSITIONS YOU WILL BE REMOVED.

IF you signup and can no longer serve, please delete yourself by either LOGGING in to Signup genius with the same email you used to signup (you may need to create your account) OR click on the 'Organizer' email link and we can delete you.

              Signup Genius here: 

At this time we will there will be no spectators allowed at this meet.  We want to accommodate as many swimmers as possible while maintaing as safe of an environment as possible.  There will be a livestream available for the meet.

Live Boxcast - Balcony pool

Jan 7

Jan 8  9-12:

Jan 8 12:01- 6:

Jan 9  8:30- 12:

Jan 9 12:01-5:30 :




Thanks to a lot of work by our Officials, we’ve been able to secure enough to run TWO pools on Sunday AM too.         

The session for 11&Older will start at 9:10 and should be over by 11:30.     

Hopefully the shorter session will also be preferred by parents due to the no spectator rule.

Consequently, we have added 18 timer positions for Sunday AM 11&Over session ONLY.        

We have assigned the number of timers needed by team, based on relative team size.      

You can have parents sign up directly or send me names.    

If you can’t fill, please let me know and I’ll post at large.    

Parents will be asked to sign in to get in the natatorium and must be adults and wear masks.  

It is important that these parents show up since we can’t pull from the stands.  

The signup link is on our meet web page:

You might also mention that we’ll be updating the website with video links, psych and any changes to start times.      

Please visit this site before the meet for updated info.



lanes to time


















At this time, we do NOT expect to allow spectators at any session.      

Please continue reading for limited opportunities for your adults on deck.

1.CM will be posting a signup genius link for timer and team clerk positions mentioned below at 6pm tonight on the meet page.      That is to give you time to communicate to your team members.


Our Meet web page is:


VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES TO BE POSTED at 6pm tonight on our web page:

1. We need 18 timers on Saturday morning to enable two ends.      We will be running 11&Older boys on one end, girls on the other.  Timers must wear masks.

  1. Saturday & Sunday PM sessions:   We will allow up to 3 ADULT clerks for EACH visiting TEAM for the 10&Under Saturday and Sunday afternoon sessions.       Tag along younger kids will NOT be permitted, and workers must be ADULTS and wear masks. 
    1. I included signups by team in the signup to be posted.   HOWEVER, if you would rather choose your own people, let me know ASAP and I’ll remove.
    2. We will have a Meet Clerk for STAGING  8&Under EVENTS only (no staging for 10&Under EVENTS with 8&Under kids included).       Your team clerk may drop off your 8&unders but we require that they NOT stay as we keep the contact numbers down in that space.
    3. Please have your coaches work with your team parents and your kids on this arrangement – we will NOT coordinate/train/monitor.     We hope this allows the coaches to focus on the kids in the water.