Miami County Marlins


The MCY Marlins are committed to the following mission statement:

  • Develop a love of swimming
  • Challenge youth to excel within their individual capabilities and achieve personal goals

  • Develop a lifetime appreciation of the rewards derived from discipline, perseverance, dedication and teamwork

  • Nurture a sense of community in a positive and encouraging team environment that teaches sportsmanship and fosters friendships.

  • Support the overall mission of the community and community rec center

  • Support and grow local area high school swimming program

  • Have fun!!!


MCY Swimming is committed to having an organized and competitive swim team program that teaches and trains all ability levels, ages 6 - 18.  Our goals are to see that each swimmer will learn the correct technique for all four competitive strokes by focusing heavily on good stroke mechanics and utilizing drills to achieve goals for the swimmer as well as their coaches and their team.  

  • As coaches, our goals include:  a swimmer will be able to correctly display the forward racing dive, able to consistently push off walls in a stream-lined position and have the basic understanding of training with a pace clock along with increased knowledge of the sport of swimming.


*We encourage personal targets for each swimmer, a commitment to our team's objectives, good sportsmanship among team members and other teams in and out of the pool, and fine-tuning a swimmer's skills to mentally prepare them to compete.  We will introduce distance-based swimming and sprint philosophies at the appropriate age. 


**We believe very strongly in the role of peers in encouraging those swimmers around them to reach their leadership possibilities in and out of the pool.  We want to support the Miami County Y in their mission to provide an atmosphere to help kids build health in their mind, body and their spirit through our swim team.


***Swimmers will be placed in practice groups according to their age.  It is our sincere belief that a swimmer should swim with their peers, as this is an excellent motivational tool for every single swimmer in the pool, even more so than swimming with those who have like-abilities.  Swimmers who train in this kind of atmosphere tend to have long-term success and a love for swimming throughout their whole life and that is what we want to create at the Miami County Y Marlins Swim Team.

  • We also strongly believe that a foundation of swimming with the Marlins before a swimmer gets to High School will provide the perfect preparation for a local High School team in our area.  We have had swimmers from at least 9 different school districts and encourage swimmers to swim with their MCY as well as their High School team mates.
  • We ask that during the High School season (November - February) all MCY/High School swimmers will swim with the MCY team at least three times a week to continue to train with MCY throughout their High School season and then to be able to move on to the end of the season Championships through the YMCA.  This is in addition to each MCY swimmer having to attend three YMCA meets before the beginning of their High School season.