Miami County Marlins

The Concession Law has passed in the State of Ohio for all Athletes (April 2013).  This is very important information for all parents of kids in any sports, but especially swimming.  All swimmers have to have signed a form with Coach Pam at the beginning of the season...signatures are good for one year.


Here is a link to the Ohio Department of Health to do your own investigation into the latest information on this important subject:


****Please take the time to click to read this important information for all swimmers and other athletes, this is the Ohio Department of Health Concussion Information sheet.../ohmcy/UserFiles/File/Ohio%20Dept%20of%20Health%20concussion%20Info.pdf


Concussion Forms required by the Ohio State Law:


Concussion Report (6/14/13) Form for reporting Concussions:   /ohmcy/UserFiles/File/OSI%20Concussion%20Report.pdf


Concussion - Return to Play Form (6/14/13) Form for authorization to reenter:  /ohmcy/UserFiles/File/OSI%20Concussion%20authorization%20to%20reenter.pdf


Concussion Information for Coaches/Officials and Volunteers of the MCY team:  /ohmcy/UserFiles/File/Concussion%20info.pdf


Coach Pam :)

April 26th, 2013