Miami County Marlins

The 2023 Long Course season will begin Monday, May 1st and goes through July 9th.


What is "NEW" for MCY Summer Long Course 2023?

  • The Summer MCY Long Course team is for 11 & up swimmers only.  We believe that 10 & unders should spend quality time on their local summer team and with friends, family and all the other activities that they love so much. (Not actually new, but important to note before signing up.)
  • We ask that you have been a part of the 2022 - 2023 MCY Winter Short Course Marlins team. We anticipate a very large number this summer and only have room/time for one practice.  
  • We would like for you to be focused on as many practices as possible.  Practices are Monday - Thursday only with no weekends as we leave those open for competitions and family, friends and summer fun!!
  • We ask that you are goal-oriented in your swimming and want to take things to the next level for next winter and please put as many of the following Long Course meets and LC Championships on your calendar for the summer.
  • When we get through the first sign-up date of Friday, April 28th and we still have room in the lanes, we will allow for other dedicated swimmers to join.
  • We are asking for swimmers that have been in the 11 - 12 swim practice group and above, going from the 9 - 10 practice group to the Long Course team will be too big of a practice group jump and we want to have all swimmers be successful. 
  • **We definitely do not want to set anyone up for failure and we definitely believe this will be helped in this manner...please feel free to ask for further clarification.


Are you wanting to train in the summer...too much sun and not enough constructive swim time?  Do you have swim goals?

- The MCY Long Course team is something you will want to plan for this summer, we are looking to build on the team aspect this summer...we started with great team leadership and look to continue that this summer!!  Do you have leadership goals?  Come try them out at MCY!

- The MCY Long Course season runs from the first of May through mid to the end July.  We would absolutely love for you to be a part of what is happening at MCY.

- If you are interested in swimming Long Course '23 please let us know by Friday, April 28th, as will open registration to outside members on Saturday morning, April 29th.  

- We look to have a large group this summer ~ will you be a part?

​- You can sign up by reaching out personally to Coach Pam :)  Phone/Text 937 572 7664 or email [email protected]

- We usually try to have two or three social activities, bike riding, trail running, camp outs, cookouts...ask Coach Pam or Coach Jim about this opportunity.

- Reach out to Coach Pam personally, if you have any questions at all.

- The first half of team fees need to be paid by May 1st to hold your place.


Long Course is the summer training team for the MCY Marlins.  

- Swimming competitions will take place in 50 meter pools most are outdoors (long course) rather than 25 yard pools (short course), hence the name Long Course for the summer meets.  

- Meets are typically in the Cincinnati area, although we are looking into some closer dual meets in a 25 meter pool, we will let you know as soon as we know anything on this front.  

- The team is typically for more experienced, older swimmers, although we will train newer swimmers as well.  

- We often have former college swim team members in this program, any who are college age are welcome to be on the team for training AND meet purposes to train for college teams.  Unfortunately, we no longer have room for individuals who just want to train for training-sake.

-We are especially interested in helping out swimmers from our area High Schools to stay in "swimming-shape" for next year's winter High School season ~ Anna, Bethel, Covington, Miami East, Piqua, Russia, Sidney Lehman, Tipp City, Troy and Troy Christian. 

- If you would like more information on the team or to see if your swimmers would benefit from joining the MCY Summer Long Course team please contact Coach Pam Fulton directly.


E-mail:  [email protected]

Phone:  937 572 7664 


Coach Pam :)