MCY Long Course is the summer team for the Miami County YMCA.  The team runs from early May through the middle/end of July.

The program fee for the MCY 2022 Long Course team is $150.00, meets are charged individually, per event.  (Program Fee subject to change due to increased/decreased fee schedule.)   

Fees for the Long Course season are due on the following schedule:

Date  Fee Due

May 2 - First Night of Practice

June 1  $75.00 


Meet fees are billed separately with a $50 pre-paid account amount to draw from at the beginning of the season, or you may pay as the meets come during the season.  

Meets will be added to our website as soon as they are confirmed through the Southwest League, please see those on our home page and on our League Website at

Thank you for being a part of the MCY Long Course team this summer, we hope to see you this fall for the Winter Short Course team 2022 - 2023.

Coach Pam :)

[email protected]

937 572 7664