New Long Course Forms attached for the 2022 Summer Season, the Registration for Long Course will begin April 4, 2022.  All Short Course fees must be paid before the swimmer will be eligible to join the Long Course team.  

Click here for the 2022 Long Course Registration Form:  


Emergency Medical Form:


2022 Summer MCY Marlins Payment Agreement Form: 


The Lindsay Law Form also has to be attached and you have to agree that you have watched the 15 minute video in signing the form:


Lindsay Law information attached along with link to video:


- Registration form/Emergency Medical form and MCY Payment Agreement forms must be completed and turned in with the half payment of $75.00 deposit to begin practices on May 4th.    

- All fees from the Short Course 2021 - 2022 Season will need to be taken care of before being able to sign up for the Short Course season. 


Coach Pam :)

937 572 7664