Miami County Marlins

2023 Long Course Season Information:


April 7th starting to accept Long Course Registrations:

June 3rd Powel Crosley Sprint Meet @ PCY outdoor 50 Meter Pool

June 9 - 11th ~ YMCA Summer Classic 2022 @ Miami University indoor 50 meter Pool

June 16 - 18th ~ CY Summer Polar Bear Invitational at Countryside YMCA outdoor 50 Meter Pool

June 24 - 25th ~ ABLY Summer Cuda Classic outdoor 50 Meter Pool

July 6 - 9th ~ League Long Course Championships at Miami University indoor 50 Meter Pool

July 25 - 29th  ~ Greensboro, NC ~ Long Course Nationals indoor 50 Meter Pool


*Please know this is a first run schedule, changes are possible, we are looking for other fun outings for the summer for team building activities.


**We are looking to set up at least one dual meet during the summer, they would not be in a 50 meter pool, but we believe all competition is good and can help the swimmer learn.


***We are trying to build a culture of swimming here at the Miami County Marlin Swim team of Miami County swimmers, please consider becoming a Marlin and support the team by attending practices and meets throughout the summer season!  Then consider joining us again this fall for the winter team.


Coach Pam :)

937 572 7664

[email protected]