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In preparing for the 2019-2020 swim season, a major emphasis for the club will again be securing  needed workers for our club sponsored swim meets and activities. Whether you are a longstanding or new  member, you know that the fees you pay cover only about 60% of our expenses. It takes over 6,000 volunteer hours to run our Mason Manta Rays sponsored events and maintain an enthusiastic and efficiently managed swim team. 
Your assistance is crucial to the success of these club activities. By participating, you have an  opportunity to meet other swim team families, get to know Manta Ray team members and show  active support for your child’s swimming efforts.

The Manta Rays Service Program will be based on a 30-hour minimum requirement for each family on the team (20-hours for Discovery groups). Ten hours must be devoted to Mason Manta Rays hosted swim meets.

Any family who fails to satisfy their annual service hours by the end of the season will be invoiced $16.50/un-worked hour.   Click HERE  for more information on volunteering.
If you have questions: 

Volunteers will sign up for open positions using the Job Sign Up button located next to the Meet Name on the home page.

For Home Meets, all hours will be logged from the sign-in sheet at the meet, so make sure you sign-in upon arriving at the pool to work.  For more information on the logging of volunteer hours see the Volunteer log guidelines below.

Official, computer table staff,and other non-posted volunteer hours WORKED OUTSIDE OF OUR HOME MEETS need to be logged in the Tabulator Log Book on the mailbox table at the pool.  All other volunteer hours will be recorded via the job sign up tool/sign in sheet for each meet.

Would you like to check your volunteer hours logged to date? Simply  log in to the web site. Go to the home page, click on the vertical tool bar field titled "My Account." Click on the $MyInvoice/Payment field. Click on the tab titled "Service Hours." This is where you will be able to view your hours logged to date.

Volunteer position descriptions

Volunteer arrival times

  Thank you for all your help!  Your cooperation is needed and very much appreciated. Your swimmer(s) will benefit from your energetic participation with our club. We look forward to working together this year.