Chris McKinney Jul 9, 2019

Coach Chris has class today. Gold kids have their workouts and Coach Alex is keeping an eye on them. Coach Rory can't be at practice. SO NO BRONZE TODAY!! Coach Alex can't run 4 groups at one time.  Again, no Bronze group today 7-9. 

Chris McKinney Jun 28, 2019

Sorry for the late notice- There is Saturday Practice for Gold and Silver groups 10 AM to 12 PM

Chris McKinney May 28, 2019

Just a reminder.. Practices Tuesday and Wednesday start at 5:30 and is Dryland only.  Due to the work at the Rec moving along quite well, practices Thursday and Friday will be back in the water and starts at 5:30.  Starting next week we will go to am and pm practices!  Thank you all for your patience and understanding during the work at the Rec! Coach Chris

Chris McKinney Feb 16, 2019


Chris McKinney Feb 4, 2019

Great weekend for the Makos!  At the Marlins meet the team placed 9th out of 28 teams and the girls finished up 5th. Outstanding job considering the sickness going around!  Congrats to Anna, Casey, Aria, and Maren on big event wins! We had 9 1st place finishes and 17 more top 3 swims.  Congrats to Maren on new team record in the 50 back and Casey on breaking her team record in the 200 free!  Way to go Hailey and Maren on new JO cuts!  At the SWOC Championships, the...

Chris McKinney Feb 2, 2019

Saturday finals qualifiers be at the pool by 5 pm ready to warm up! 

Chris McKinney Jan 7, 2019

1st meets of the new year and the Makos were on fire. I was hoping after a month of long training they would be hungry to race, and they did not fail to deliver.  At the Holiday Wrap-up meet in Cincinnati, the swimmers were in top form. The team placed 4th out of 15 teams. The women lead the way placing 3rd and the men were 8th! The men only had 4 swimmers! We earned 29 top 10 finishes. 13 top 3 finishes. And we had 15 race winners! Congrats...

Chris McKinney Jan 4, 2019

Warmup change Afternoon only Be at pool by 12:15. In the water at 12:30. Sorry for the delay, I just received email.  Thanks, Coach Chris

Chris McKinney Jan 3, 2019

Friday am practice for ALL GROUPS Sharks 10-11 Bronze 10-11:30 if not swimming at meet Friday night.  Silver and Gold 10-12 if not swimming at meet Friday night Friday pm is normal schedule for all groups. Swimmers swimming on Saturday should stay home and do all the good things a swimmer should do before a meet!!  STRETCH..HYDRATE..EAT GOOD FOOD..GET A GOOD NIGHT SLEEP!! 

Chris McKinney Jan 1, 2019

Happy New Year Makos!! 2018 was a year of change! Hopefully, you all enjoyed it as much as I did!  Looking forward to 2019 and all the great memories we’ll create!  Coach Chris #ONETEAMONEGOAL #MAKOSSTRONG