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Who is New Albany Aquatics Club?


New Albany Aquatics Club (NAAC) is a non-profit USA Swim Club which is a parent owned, board directed, staff supported and coach run organization and is a member of the Ohio Swimming LSC.  NAAC is a community-based team first and open to Columbus area residents on a space-available basis.  We have provided a home for year-round swimmers and athletes with a quality-based swim program run primarily out of our NAHS pool home since 1994. 


NAAC Mission, Vision & Philosophy




NAAC strives to create an environment of success through our base values of

Learning, Competing and Having Fun.




NAAC’s vision is to develop and maintain a quality driven program that will produce high level swimmers who will proudly represent NAAC at all levels of competition.  Our NAAC Swimming and Dryland programs are second to none, and we strive to instill our 10 Principles of Athletic Success into both our swimmers and our programming, and to provide all of our swimmers with the tools needed to further their abilities both in and out of the pool. 




NAAC is a team that is built upon the commitment, support, and participation of the Coaches, Board, Staff, Team Families and the Community at large.  We believe that success in achieving our base values is dependent upon the cooperation of all members.


 NAAC is committed to providing high level training programs led by an experienced, skilled Coaching Team that continues to hone their expertise.  NAAC Coaches help each swimmer achieve very specific skill sets through intelligently designed progressions.  In addition to our Swimming and Dryland training, NAAC promotes the practice of principle-based decision making through our 10 Principles of Athletic Success and healthy lifestyle habits, such as quality nutrition and sleep habits, through our Regeneration Made Simple guidelines.


NAAC believes strongly in the benefits of competition, as well as competitive cooperation among our swimmers at practice.  We encourage all of our team members to compete at swim meets throughout the year, and especially encourage participation at the highest levels of competition earned.  We structure our team groups based upon skill sets first and foremost, and believe that the positive attitudes swimmers bring to practice each day will lead to a positive overarching atmosphere for the team.  NAAC wants all of our team members to place No Limits on what they are capable of accomplishing.