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Frequently Asked Questions

· How do I know what group to register my swimmer for? The coaches will do an evaluation on your child and let you know the appropriate group you should register them for.

· How do I know what meets to enter my child in? The swimmers that are just starting out should consider one meet a month with the B meets being highly recommended. All others should also do a meet a month and look at what fits into your schedule. Everyone will end with their appropriate championship meet. The 8 and unders championship meet is the Barbara Kay Mini Meet and the 9 and older swimmers championship meet is the Regional Meet. The championship meet you attend depends on your age the day of the meet.

* Does my swimmer have to participate in meets? Participation in meets is not mandatory, but highly recommended. The swimmer will be able to see their progress at meets and have fun with their friends. The coaches will be able to give valuable feedback in race situations.

* Who picks the events my swimmer is in? The coaches pick the events your swimmer will be in. Meets are a great opportunity for them to try events. The coaches work hard in practices preparing your swimmer for all the events.

* Can my child request an event? The swimmers can speak to their coach about an event they would like to be in or try, but ultimately it is up to the coach as to what event(s) your swimmer will be in. The coaches only put the swimmers in events they feel they are ready for or need to try.

· When is a good time to talk to the coaches? The best time to talk to a coach is after practice or by email. Give them 24 hours to respond to an email please.

* My swimmer’s goggles broke at the meet. What do we do? Try to always have a back up pair of goggles in their bag. If you don't though, the meet host usually has a vender on site that you can purchase another pair from.

* My swimmer lost his cap. How does he get a new one? Have your swimmer ask their coach for a new cap. The coaches have caps to purchase, and your account will be charged. If your swimmer wears a cap in meets, a team cap must be worn.

* How do the coaches decide who is on a relay? Many times the coaches have to put together relays together at the beginning of meets with not a lot of time. It is very important that your swimmer is at warm up on time. We look at who is there for warm ups and then go through the best combinations. Championship meet relay teams are based on the four fastest times.

* Can we leave the meet early if we are tired or sick? Please never leave a meet without talking with the coach on deck first. If your child is sick, always let a coach know that your swimmer isn't feeling well and needs to leave. If your child is tired or doesn't want to swim an event, please have your swimmer come and talk to the coach on deck.

* Do we have to stay at the team hotel that is listed on the website? It is nice for the swimmers and their families to stay at the same hotel and builds team unity. Plus, we receive better rates if we are all staying at the same location.

* Why can’t I go down on deck with my swimmer at the meet or practice? It is a USA rule that parents are not allowed on deck at meets or practice. Each swimmer is insured by United States Swimming. This is for liability reasons.

* Why does my swimmer need fins? It is highly recommended that your swimmer have their own fins at each practice. They are used for flexibility, building strength, teaching proper kicks, and helping to maintain good body alignment (positioning) in the water.

· Can my child participate in others sports while doing swimming? Yes, but it becomes more difficult as they get older and are in the higher groups. It is recommended in the higher groups that they make so many practices a week, and it is not always possible when they are doing another sport at the same time. It is a good idea to try others sports in the fall and spring when swimming in on a break. Summer is also a good time to try other sports.

· Why does my swimmer have to practice on Sunday? The High school, Middle school, New Albany Aquatics Club, and other community groups use the pool throughout the week. Time is scheduled for all the groups, and practices are spread out throughout the week. It is helpful to have a practice on a non school night for the younger swimmer, and Sundays are highly attended practices for the younger groups.

· What is USA-S and why do I pay extra for that? NAAC is a club member of USA Swimming, Inc. and Ohio Swimming, Inc., which operates locally as a Local Swim Committee (LSC). All registered group members of NAAC need to be members of USA Swimming. With this, swimmers have liability insurance at all USA Swimming approved events, practices and meets. Additionally, swimmers will receive a copy of the SPLASH magazine published by USA Swimming and have an opportunity to participate in meets and special camps and other special events sponsored by USA Swimming and Ohio Swimming. USA Swimming is the national governing body for amateur competitive swimming in the United States. USA Swimming divides the country into 59 Local Swimming Committees (LSC). As the national governing body for the sport, USA Swimming is charged with the responsibility to formulate rules, conduct national championships, disseminate safety and sports medicine information, select competitors to represent this country in international competition, and ensure the development of its member club and age group swimmers. USA Swimming is the ruling body of sanctioned swimming meets in the United States for meets in which NAAC participates.

· Can I watch my swimmer practice? Parents/family are encouraged to show a great deal of interest in their child at practice. For the younger groups, parents are welcome, but not required, to observe practice from the bleachers. The coach requests, however, that you refrain from talking or interacting with your child during practice. This can be disruptive and confusing for the swimmer and the other children on the team.

· How is my swimmers age determined for the meet? The age of the swimmer is determined by their age on the first day of the meet.

· What if my swimmer wants to participate in a swim meet that I am unable to attend? Talk with other parents of the swim club to make travel arrangements for your child. Most parents are more than willing to help others out in transporting swimmers to and from swimming events. If your swimmer is old enough to drive, please talk to the coach about the team’s policy on them driving to meets.

FAQ Financial

•My credit card that is on file is about to expire. How do I give you the new number? In order to provide a new credit card for the account, please log into your personal account, and click the make a payment icon. Once in this area, please make a $1.00 payment to your account to any category that needs a payment, which will leave the new credit card on file with your account, and will be used by the club the next time a draw is made.

• I want to use a different credit/debit card for my monthly payments. How do I change that in my account? When the club executes the next draw, it uses the last form of payment that was used in the system. So in order to use a different credit card or bank account for the next draw, you must log into your personal account, and click the Make a payment icon. Then make a $1.00 payment to any category in your account using the new payment account, and then this will be the new account that will be used to make your next draw. Be sure and make any changes prior to the 15th of the month, which is when the club executes the next draw.

• My account did not have enough money in it for the last draw. What should I do now? Please call Dave Wharton (Club Bookkeeper- 774-8544) to let him know that your account did not have the funds needed for the last draw. We will eventually get the report, but by then me may be working on the next draw which would mean that you need two monthly payments. Once you let him know what has happened, you can log into your account and make a payment on your own to get caught up. If you are unsure of your payment amount, then please let Dave know and he can provide that to you. The payment schedule for the year was provided at the beginning of the season. If you don't make an individual payment on your own, Dave will be contacting you to make all payments to get caught up. You will be responsible for a fee that the club will incur for failed payment, and that is $30.00.

• How do I check the balance on my account? To check your statement balance, please log into your account and click the Statement tab, and that will provide you with a statement of all charges, and payments made to your account this year.

• How do I pay for meet entries? The club is fronting the fees for swim meet entries this year, but once your swimmer has participated in a meet, you should be prepared for those fees to be drawn from your account the same way the monthly fee is drawn. Please be prepared that the club will try and make that draw as soon as the fees have been posted to your account. The club will not wait until the 15th of the month to draw it with the monthly draw.

• My swimmer just got a cap from the coach? How do I pay for that? The coaches notify the bookkeeper when they give a swimmer a cap, and the bookkeeper adds the cap charge to your account and will draw that at the next month draw.

• How do I know if my swimmer is signed up for a meet already? To check your entries to a meet, please log into your account, and click the edit information icon, which will bring up your swimmers names, and 2 options to click under their name. One option in their New Albany Team Registration information, the other option is a Meet Declaration option. Click on the meet declaration option for the swimmer you are checking entries for and it will bring up all the meets left for the season. Click the meets and days you will be attending meets, and then be sure to hit submit at the bottom of the page. You will need to do this for each swimmer in the family. This process can also be used to change your choices of days and meets that you had already signed up for.

• My child doesn’t want to swim anymore. Can we get a refund? Refunds are considered for swimmers that are new to the sport within the first 14 days of the start of the season. Beyond that refunds, are not granted. In order to hire quality coaches, and maintain a staff that works with the team, we are not able to issue refunds after the season has started. We hire the coaches based on the sign ups.