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Excellence 200


Shaker Sharks Invitational

NAAC traveled to Cleveland State University to participate in the Shaker Shark Invitational from Friday, December 5th through Sunday, December 7th.  

Special recognition to Olivia Bergmann for setting a new team record in the 11-12 Girls 200 IM and also for earning the 11-12 Girls High Point Award!


Earning JO Qualifying times at the meet were:


Andrew Bernsdorf in the 100 free, 200 fly and 200 IM

Elyse Bergmann in the 50 breast and 50 fly

Patrick Daly in the 50 back

Marisa Downs in the 50 back

Jimmy Lapsley in the 50 back

Carly Meeting in the 50 fly

Tommy Morris in the 50 back

Abby Yakam in the 200 breast and 200 IM

Congratulations to the following who finished in the top 10:

7-8 Boys:

Chase Boals        5th 25 back; 7th 50 breast; 9th 50 free; 10th 25 fly

9-10 Girls:

Elyce Bergmann    8th 50 breast; 8th 100 back; 8th 50 fly

Marisa Downs    7th 50 fly; 9th 100 IM

Carly Meeting        7th 50 back; 7th 50 free; 9th 100 free; 9th 50 fly

11-12 Girls:

Olivia Bergmann    1st 100 fly; 1st 100 back; 1st 50 fly; 3rd 200 IM; 4th 500 free; 

6th 100 free; 8th 100 breast

11-12 Boys:

Alex Arlin        1st 50 breast; 2nd 100 breast

Patrick Daly        8th 50 breast; 10th 100 breast

Jimmy Lapsley    10th 50 back

Tommy Morris    2nd 50 free; 4th 100 free; 9th 100 IM

13-14 Girls:

Samantha Kass    8th 100 breast; 9th 100 free; 10th 400 IM; 10th 50 free

Abby Yakam        6th 200 breast; 7th 100 breast; 9th 400 IM

13-14 Boys:

Andrew Bernsdorf    1st 200 IM; 4th 500 free; 5th 100 free; 6th 100 back; 7th 200 fly; 

8th 200 free


Penguin Plunge

Sunday, December 14, 2014

NAAC hosted the Penguin Plunge on Sunday, December 14th.  A great day of development and competition for our club was highlighted by the accomplishments listed below. 

Special recognition and congratulations to Chris Rogers who set new team records


 25 butterfly (16.62), surpassing the previous record from 2000, and the 25 freestyle (14.74)!


6 & Under Girls:

Reese Baldwin 2nd 25 breast; 3rd 25 free

Rio Hall 1st 25 fly; 2nd 25 free; 5th 25 back

Logan Snyder 2nd 50 free; 3rd 25 fly; 4th 25 breast


6 & Under Boys:

Cody Downs         3rd 25 free; 4th 25 back


7-8 Girls:

Yasemin Bilgin      3rd 25 free

Lila DeLong           4th 100 free

Olivia Sanabria      3rd 100 free; 3rd 50 free; 3rd 25 fly


7-8 Boys:

Chase Boals          4th 200 IM; 5th 100 free

Josh Emerman      3rd 25 fly

Caelan Knettler      5th 100 free

Owen Kunstmann  4th 100 free; 5th 25 breast; 5th 50 free

Sean Le                 5th 100 IM

Chris Rogers          1st 25 free; 1st 100 free; 1st 25 fly; 1st 100 IM


9-10 Girls:

Cali Demers           4th 200 IM

Mimi Economus     3rd place 50 back; 3rd place 200 IM

Carly Meeting        1st 50 breast

Hope Schimming   4th 100 IM

Jillian Velto            4th 50 back; 5th 100 free


9-10 Boys:

Makana Knettler    2nd 200 IM; 4th 50 free

Collin Morr             5th 50 breast

Josh Smith             3rd 50 free; 3rd 50 breast; 5th 50 back; 5th 100 IM

Wyatt Spalding       4th 50 breast

Ben Stevenson       2nd 50 breast; 3rd 100 free; 3rd 100 IM; 4th 50 back


11-12 Girls:

Sydney Boals          2nd 50 free

Natalie Duperre       2nd  100 back; 4th 50 free; 4th 50 fly

Emma Hogan          1st 200 IM; 3rd 100 free; 3rd 50 fly; 5th 50 free

Ellie Moellering        3rd 50 free

Sydney Sena           3rd 50 back


11-12 Boys:

Patrick Daly              1st 50 breast

Ben Goodman          5th 100 breast

Nathaniel Heuman   5th 50 breast; 5th 50 fly

Steffan Klein             3rd 100 IM; 3rd 100 fly; 4th 100 back

Jimmy Lapsley         1st 100 back

Luke Parsons           1st 100 free; 1st 100 breast; 2nd 50 breast

Cy Richardson          3rd 100 back; 3rd 50 fly; 5th 50 free

Caleb Schimming     2nd 100 back; 2nd 100 free; 3rd 100 breast; 4th 50 fly


13-14 Girls:

Jasmine Kelley          2nd 100 free; 2nd 100 fly; 4th 100 breast; 5th 200 IM


13-14 Boys:

Nicholas Eberts         3rd 50 back

George Economus    4th 100 IM; 4th 200 free

Dylan Ferencz          1st 100 free; 2nd 50 free; 2nd 200 IM

Jack Woo                  1st 100 breast; 3rd 100 back; 3rd 100 fly

Ethan Yudovitch        1st 50 back; 2nd 100 IM; 3rd 50 fly; 3rd 200 IM


Thanks for Giving Meet!


NAAC participated in the Thanks for Giving meet hosted by the Ohio State Swim Club on Sunday, November 16th.  We were well represented at the meet with well over 100 swimmers participating. 

Special recognition to Chris Rogers, who earned the 8 and Under Boys High Point Award with 1st place finishes in all 5 of his events!


Earning JO qualifying times at the meet were:

Andrew Bernsdorf in the 200 free

Calie Demers in the 50 back

Olivia Hovorka in the 50 back

Tommy Morris in the 100 free

Congratulations to the following on their top five finishes:

7-8 Girls:

Lila Delong            3rd 50 fly; 4th 25 fly

7-8 Boys:

Chase Boals            1st 25 back; 2nd 25 free; 2nd 50 free; 4th 25 breast

Joshua Emerman        3rd 50 fly; 5th 50 back; 5th 25 fly

Owen Kunstmann        1st 100 IM; 2nd 50 breast; 4th 25 free; 4th 100 free

Chris Rogers    1st 25 free; 1st 50 back; 1st 25 fly; 1st 50 fly; 1st 50 free

9-10 Girls:

Olivia Hovorka         5th 50 back

9-10 Boys:

11-12 Girls:

Olivia Bergmann    2nd 100 back; 2nd 50 back; 2nd 50 fly; 3rd 200 IM; 5th 50 breast

Abby Yakam            1st100 breast; 4th 50 free

11-12 Boys:

Alex Arlin            1st 50 breast; 5th 100 breast

Patrick Daly            3rd 100 IM

Tommy Morris    2nd 50 free; 2nd 100 free; 4th 50 breast; 4th 50 back

Luke Parsons            5th 50 breast

13-14 Girls:

Sarah Martin            2nd 100 fly; 2nd 200 free; 2nd 100 free; 3rd 50 free

Lauren Sadler            5th 100 free

13-14 Boys:

Andrew Bernsdorf    1st 200 free; 2nd 100 back; 4th 100 free; 4th 400 IM

15 & Over Girls:

Taylor Berend        4th 200 breast

Josephine Fike        3rd 200 IM; 4th 200 back; 4th 100 back

Paige Griesse            5th 200 IM

Georgianne Moosavian    5th 100 fly; 5th 100 free

Allyson Wharton        1st 100 breast; 1st 200 breast

Jessica Zaper            4th 50 free; 5th 100 breast; 5th 100 back

15 & Over Boys:

Carson Barnes        3rd 100 fly; 3rd 200 IM; 4th 100 back

Matthew Bernsdorf        2nd 100 free

Michael Ritchey        2nd 400 IM

Grant Stahl            1st 200 fly; 5th 200 breast



Golden Bear 2014 meet 

Congrats to all of our NAAC swimmers who competed at the Golden Bear Meet hosted by UA Swim Club!  Our very own Olivia Bergmann earned the 11-12 girls High Point Award with a great weekend of swims, earning two wins and three 2nd place finishes to lead the way for our Age Group swimmers – Congrats to Olivia! 

High Point Winner Girls 11-12, Golden Bear Meet!

We also had a bunch of new JO Qualifying times at the meet -   

Calie Demmers and Marissa Downs both got their JO Cuts in the 50 Fly!  

Carlie Meeting got her JO cut in the 100 Free!

Julia Zaper got her JO cut in the 50 Back!

Alex Arlin got his JO cut in the 100 Breast!

Tommy Morris got his JO cuts in the 50 Free, 50 Fly, and 100IM!

Ben Stevenson got his JO cut in the 50 Free!

And solid all-around competing for NAAC at the 2014 Golden Bear Meet, with top 5 finishes as follow from our swimmers:

10 & U girls

Callie Demmers 5th 50 fly

Olivia Hovorka 3rd 50 fly

Carly Meeting 4th 50 free, 4th 100 free


10 & U boys

Ben Stevenson 5th 50 free, 5th 50 fly


11-12 girls

Olivia Bergmann 1st 50 back, 1st 100 IM, 2nd 50 fly, 2nd 50 free, 2nd 100 free

Abby Yakam 1st 50 breast, 4th 100IM


11-12 boys

Alex Arlin 1st 100 breast

Mike DeAscentis 1st 50 back, 2nd 50 fly, 2nd 100 free, 2nd 100IM, 3rd 50 free

Tommy Morris 1st 50 free, 1st 50 fly, 4th 100IM, 5th 100 free


13-14 girls

Sarah Martin 1st 50 free, 1st 100 free, 1st 100 fly, 1st 200 fly


13-14 boys

Andrew Bernsdorf 3rd 200IM, 3rd 200 back, 4th 100 back, 5th 100 free

Nate Stadler 1st 200IM, 2nd 50 free, 2nd 100 free, 2nd 100 breast, 2nd 100 back, 

2nd 200 back, 4th 400IM


15 & O girls

Quinn Fike 4th 100 back, 4th 200 back

Abby Stone 1st 100 back, 3rd 200IM

Ally Wharton 4th 100 breast

Jessica Zaper 1st 100 breast, 2nd 50 free


15 & O boys

Carson Barnes 2nd 100 fly, 4th 100 back

Matthew Bernsdorf 4th 50 free, 4th 100 free

Grant Stahl 3rd 100 fly, 3rd 100 breast, 3rd 400IM, 4th 200IM, 4th 200 breast, 5th 50 free


NAAC 2014 Fall IMX Meet

Congrats to all of our swimmers stepping up to some new challenges at our Fall IMX meet!  This was a closed meet, with only NAAC swimmers present, so we will not list all places per event – and please know that these IMX meets are a GREAT way to get times in new events and/or perfect some of the skills for better events that we have been working on in practices.

We had two new Team Records set at our Fall IMX Challenge:

Ashlyn Morr

8 and Under Girls 200 free 2:34.97 


Nate Stadler

 13-14 Boys 1650 free 17:12.60


1st Meet for Fall 2014 – John Bruce Invitational

    Our Elite, Cyclone and Typhoon groups took to the pool at the John Bruce meet at Worthington this past Sunday and had a great kick-off to our 2014-15 swim season!  Below is a list of our top 3 NAAC finishers. 

    Please remember that many of our early meets are listed as Developmental meets, where we would like our swimmers to try new race strategies and tactics as well as some new events.  ALL of our early season meets should be Learning experiences as well as fun, competitive experiences!

11-12 Girls

Olivia Bergmann - 1st 50 Fly, 2nd 100 Fly & 200IM, 3rd 50 Back

Abby Yakam - 1st 50 Breast, 3rd 100 Breast & 200IM

11-12 Boys

Mike DeAscentis - 1st 50 Fly & 200IM, 3rd 50 & 100 Free

Tommy Morris - 3rd 100 Fly

  13-14 Girls

Sarah Martin - 1st 50 & 200 Free, 2nd 100 Fly, 3rd 200 Breast

Lauren Saddler - 3rd 50 Free

  13-14 Boys

Nate Stadler - 2nd 200 Back & 200 Free, 3rd 100 Back & 100 Free

 15 & O Girls

Libby Stadler - 1st 200 Fly

Abby Stone - 1st 50 & 100 Free, 100 & 200 Back

Ally Wharton - 2nd 200 Free

Jessica Zaper - 2nd 100 & 200 Back

  15 & O Boys

Carson Barnes - 1st 100 Fly, 3rd 100 Free & 200 Back

Matthew Bernsdorf - 1st 200 Breast

Grant Stahl - 2nd 100 Breast



NCSA Junior Nationals!

Miranda Donley Smashes Four Girls 13-14, Team Records!

Girls 13-14 : 50 Back 27.86; 50 Breast 30.11; 50 Fly 25.53; 100 Fly 56.39

Abby Stone Smashes Another Backstroke Record!

Girls 17-18 50 Backstroke 26.50

Max Penn Blazes to New Backstroke Mark! 

Boys 17-18 50 Backstroke 24.10



New 400 Freestyle Relay Mark!

Miranda Donley, Taylor Berend, Jessica Zaper, Abby Stone
Girl's Senior 400 Freestyle Relay 3:31.78

Our high school swimmers culminate their high school season at the Ohio High School Athletic Association State Tournament meets. While you do not see them at USA meets during their respective high school seasons, they are still training with NAAC primarily and enjoying the unique and competitive atmosphere of Ohio High School Swimming. We try to honor our swimmers who qualify at the district and state level and especially our State Meet Swimmers, who have to swim their best races three consecutive weekends to move on in the tournament. It is a true tournament design as there are no time standards to make it to the next level, you put your race in the water on the day of the meet regardless of the circumstances! It is a very exciting and nerve racking time for all of them!  For many, they have spent many years training with our team and in swimming in general. Each year, we try to give you a peek in on who they are to honor their long careers with our team and their dedication to the sport.

NAAC 2014 HS State Meet Qualifiers and Top 10 finishers

NAAC had a great showing at the HS State level this season, with 18 of our swimmers competing at the 2014 HS State meet.  We had 10 individual swims from 7 of our swimmers, with 5 of these 10 swims finishing in the Top 10 at the State Meet!  Between these 10 individual events and relay swims NAAC had over 40 splashes at this year’s State meet!!  Congrats to all of our NAAC HS State meet swimmers, and all are listed below!

OHSAA State Meet Top 10 Finishes
and Team Records


Tyler Welty D1 100 Breast 6th

Columbus St. Charles
All Ohio
NAAC Team Record
Boys 15-16 100 Breastroke 57.73


 Abby Stone D2 200 IM 2nd and 100 Back 5th

Granville High School
All Ohio
NAAC Team records
Girls 17-18 100 Free 51.04
200 IM 2:03.04

Miranda Donley D2 50 Free 4th and 100 Free 5th

Columbus School for Girls
All Ohio
NAAC Team record  13-14 100 Free 51.42


OHSAA State  Championship Meet Individual Event Qualifiers

Max Penn D1 100 Back 13th
All Ohio
and 100 Breast 24th
Columbus St. Charles

Ally Wharton D1 100 Breast 19th
Gahanna High School

Carson Barnes D1 100 Fly 19th
New Albany High School

 Brendan Murphy D1 100 Fly 23rd
New Albany High School


Relay Qualifiers


New Albany High School Girls 200 Free Relay

Jessica Zaper, Taylor Berend, Amanda Jenny,Grace Taylor



New Albany High School Boys 200 Free Relay
Blake Bergere, Brendan Murphy, Carson Barnes, Nick Noe


Columbus Academy D2 states 200 free relay 6th place

back row Sydney Brault –NAAC,
Abby Wilson- GCSTO, front row Anya Knone’-GCSTO, India Sherman-GCSTO.


Lauren Cullen
member of Columbus Academy state qualifying 400 Free Relay with Sydney Brault

Annie Moosavian

Columbus School For Girls 400 Free Relay

Durkin Ross
Pickerington North High School 200 Free Relay

Michael Ritchey
Columbus St Charles 200 Free Relay





































































NAAC 2014 HS District Qualifiers, Top 10 finishes and District Champions

NAAC is proud to announce that we qualified 26 of our HS swimmers to the OHSAA HS Central District meet this year!  These 26 swimmers qualified and swam in 50 individual events, with over 40 relay swims between them which gave NAAC over 90 splashes at the District meet this year!  22 swims from 15 of our athletes placed in the Top 10 at Districts, and NAAC had 5 District Championship swims between 3 swimmers!!  Congrats on a job well done and our HS District swimmers are listed below.

District Champions!

Tyler Welty D1 100 Breast




Abby Stone D2 200IM and 100 Back
(and both new meet records!)
New Team Records in 100 Free, 100 Back
200 IM

Miranda Donley D2 50 Free and 100 Free
New Team Records 50 Free, 100 Free

Congratulations on New Team Records!

Matthew Bernsdorf
Boys 17-18 500 Freestyle, 4:48.23

District Top 10 Finishes


Ally Wharton
Girl's 13-14 100 Breastroke 1:06.65













Carson Barnes  D1 100 Fly 5th

Taylor Berend  D1 50 Free 7th

Blake Bergere  D1 100 Fly 9th

Matthew Bernsdorf  D1 500 Free 6th and 200 Free 10th 

Sydney Brault  D2 500 Free 3rd and 200 Free 6th

Lauren Cullen  D2 100 Fly 4th and 100 Back 9th 

Charlotte Lennox  D2 100 Breast 6th 

Annie Moosavian  D2 200 Free 5th and 500 Free 8th

Brendan Murphy  D1 100 Fly 6th

Max Penn  D1 100 Back 2nd and 100 Breast 2nd

Grace Taylor  D1 100 Back 10th

Ally Wharton  D1 100 Breast 6th 

Individual and/or Relay District Qualifiers

Max Glick

Riley Gundlach

Charlie Henry

Amanda Jenny

Harrison Jenny

Nick Noe

Michael Ritchey

Durkin Ross

Murphy Rubcich

Nick Rushlow

Jessica Zaper

Ohio Junior Olympics

The New Albany Aquatics Club sent almost 40 swimmers to this year’s Ohio Short Course Junior Olympic State Championship.  Unlike most years, this year’s State Meet was held at Ohio State University instead of Bowling Green.  Swimming closer to home clearly had a positive effect on our swimmers, as NAAC finished 7th in this year’s team championship!

In addition to the overall success of our team in the State Meet, 12 of our swimmers qualified for finals in at least one event, five new individual team records were established, four relays set new team records, three NAAC swimmers finished in the top twenty individual point scorers in their respective age groups, and one swimmer - Miranda Donley - won state championships in both the 50 & 100 Freestyle.

Without further ado, our state finalists were:

Olivia Bergmann (Girls 11-12):  4th place, 100 Fly; 6th place, 50 Fly; 9th place, 100 IM; 10th place, 200 IM; 11th place, 100 Back; 12th place, 50 Back
Sydney Boals (Girls 9-10):  12th place, 100 Free; 16th place, 200 Free
Mike DeAscentis (Boys 11-12):  16th place, 200 IM
Miranda Donley (Girls 13-14):  1st PLACE, 50 FREE & 100 FREE; 2nd place, 100 Breast; 4th place, 100 Fly
Cy Richardson (Boys 9-10):  11th place, 50 Fly
Wyatt Ross (Boys 11-12):  7th place, 50 Breast
Ally Wharton (Girls 13-14):  3rd place, 100 Breast & 200 Breast
Abby Yakam (Girls 11-12):  6th place, 100 Breast; 10th place, 50 Breast
Emma Yakam (Girls 9-10):  7th place, 100 Breast; 9th place, 50 Breast
Olivia Young (Girls 9-10):  15th place, 100 Fly
Jessica Zaper (Girls 13-14):  10th place, 100 Free; 12th place, 50 Free; 16th place, 200 Breast
Julia Zaper (Girls 9-10):  3rd place, 100 Breast; 4th place, 50 Breast; 15th place, 50 Fly

The new individual team records established at the State Meet were:

Miranda Donley

(Girls 13-14):  50 Free, 23.33 sec; 100 Free, 51.23 sec; 100 Breast, 1:05.48 sec; 100 Fly, 57.04 sec

Jessica Zaper 

(Girls 13-14):  50 Back, 28.21 sec

Four Girls 13-14 swimmers - Miranda Donley, Lauren Sadler, Ally Wharton, and Jessica Zaper - combined to set the following new team relay records:

200 Free Relay  –  1 min 38.39 sec
400 Free Relay  –  3 min 40.08 sec
200 Medley Relay  –  1 min 50.56 sec
400 Medley Relay  –  4 min 4.61 sec

Lastly, we would like to recognize Miranda Donley for finishing 9th overall in the Girls 13-14, Olivia Bergmann for finishing 12th overall in the Girls 11-12, and Julia Zaper for finishing 18th overall in the Girls 9-10.

Congratulations again to all of our swimmers who competed in this year's State Meet!!!

Senior Meet

24 NAAC swimmers competed in Oxford, Ohio the first weekend of March in the Senior Meet.  This championship meet boasts hundreds of top-level high school swimmers and provides all an opportunity to demonstrate how far they have come over the course of a long, hard season.  This year, NAAC was proudly represented by all 24 of its competitors, seven of whom finished in the top 20 of one individual event or more.  Moreover, during the Senior Meet, four NAAC team records were broken – three by Abby Stone and one by Tyler Welty!

First, we want to recognize our top 20 finishers:

Taylor Berend (17):  8th place, 100 Breast; 15th place, 200 IM; 20th place, 50 Free
Sydney Brault (16):  17th place, 1650 Free
Quinn Fike (15):  16th place, 100 Back
Nick Noe (17):  17th place, 100 Free; 18th place, 200 Free
Max Penn (18):  12th place, 200 IM
Abby Stone (17):  2nd place, 100 Free &200 Back; 3rd place, 200 Free; 5th place, 100 Breast; 8th place, 500 Free
Tyler Welty (16):  5th place, 200 Breast

In addition, we want to acknowledge the following 17 swimmers who also competed in the Senior Meet:

Victor Alfonso
Carson Barnes
Matthew Benrsdorf
Paige Cackovic
Grace Fruth
Riley Gundlach
Amanda Jenny
Steven Kish
Charlotte Lennox
Abbie Linek
Annie Moosavian
Brendan Murphy
Michael Ritchey
Durkin Ross
Alex Stark
Grace Taylor

Last but by no means least, the new team records established at the Senior Meet were:

Abby Stone (Girls 17-18):  100 Free (50.96), 200 Free (1.51.03), & 200 Back (1:58.31)

Tyler Welty (Boys 15-16):  200 Breast (2.06.84)

Congratulations to all of our swimmers for an outstanding Senior Meet!

Regional Meet!

President’s Day weekend once again provided the backdrop for our age group swimmers to compete in the Regional Swim Championships at Upper Arlington.  For some of our swimmers, the Regional Meet is the culmination of a long season of hard work and affords the opportunity for swimmers to post personal best times at season’s end. For others, Regionals is a chance to qualify for the OHJO State Meet and for another chance to compete at an higher level.  In all cases though, it is a physically, mentally, and emotionally challenging weekend for our swimmers, and each of competitors should be commended for their efforts over the course of the three-day, six-session meet.

In terms of specific accolades, 39 NAAC swimmers finished in the top 6 of at least one event, and 12 individuals achieved new OHJO state cuts in a combined 22 different events.

We will first recognize our 39 championship heat finalists below:

Alex Arlin (Boys 11-12):  3rd place, 100 Breast; 5th place 50 Breast
Elyse Bergmann (Girls 9-10):  2nd place, 100 Fly; 4th place, 50 Free; 6th place, 100 Back
Olivia Bergmann (Girls 11-12):  1st place, 100 Breast
Andrew Bernsdorf (Boys 13-14):  1st place, 200 IM; 2nd place, 500 Free;3rd place, 200 Free; 4th place, 50 Free
Sydney Boals (Girls 9-10):  1st place, 50 Breast; 3rd place, 100 Breast & 200 Free; 4th place, 100 Free; 6th place, 100 IM
Emily Borchers (Girls 13-14):  4th place, 100 Fly
Maddy Brandon (Girls 11-12):  1st place, 50 Free & 50 Fly; 4th place, 100 Fly
Kiara Crumbley (Girls 9-10):  1st place, 50 Fly; 6th place, 50 Free
Patrick Daly (Boys 11-12):  6th place, 50 Breast & 100 Fly
Mike DeAscentis (Boys 11-12):  1st place, 100 Breast; 2nd place, 100 Free; 3rd place, 50 Breast & 100 Back
Marisa Downs (Girls 9-10):  5th place, 50 Free
George Economus (Boys 11-12):  6th place, 500 Free
Dylan Ferencz (Boys 13-14):  2nd place, 100 Back; 3rd place, 100 Free & 100 Fly; 5th place, 50, 200 & 500 Free
Gage Ford (Boys 13-14):  4th place, 100 Fly; 5th place, 100 Breast
Elle Gower (Girls 13-14):  6th place, 100 Breast
James Grodesky (Boys 13-14):  4th place, 100 Back; 6th place, 100 Breast & 100 Fly
Jada Johnson (Girls 11-12):  3rd place, 50 & 200 Free; 5th place, 50 Back; 6th place, 100 Free
Jared Kass (Boys 11-12):  5th place, 200 Free; 6th place, 50 Free
Sammie Kass (Girls 13-14):  2nd place, 100 & 200 Breast; 6th place, 100 Free
Makana Knettler (Boys 9-10):  5th place, 200 Free
Jimmy Lapsley (Boys 11-12):  4th place, 50 Back; 5th place, 100 Fly
Thomas Lennox (Boys 11-12):  2nd place, 50 Free & 100 IM; 3rd place, 200 IM; 4th place, 100 Free; 5th place, 50 Fly & 100 Back
Carly Meeting(Girls 9-10):  5th place, 50 Breast & 100 Free; 6th place, 100 Breast
Livy Meeting (Girls 11-12):  6th place, 200 Free
Ellie Moellering (Girls 9-10):  3rd place, 50 Back
Tommy Morris (Boys 11-12):  4th place, 50 Free & 200 IM; 6th place, 50 Back
Lilian Muszynski (Girls 11-12):  6th place, 100 Fly
Shraddha Pingali (Girls 13-14):  6th place, 500 Free
Wyatt Ross (Boys 11-12):  5th place, 100 IM
Lauren Sadler (Girls 13-14):  3rd place, 50 Free
Evie Samanich (Girls 11-12):  4th place, 200 IM
Caleb Schimming (Boys 9-10):  1st place, 50 Back; 2nd place, 100 & 200 Free; 4th place, 50 Free
Sydney Sena (Girls 9-10):  1st place, 50 Back
Ben Stevenson (Boys 9-10):  1st place, 50 Free, 100 Free, & 50 Fly; 2nd place, 100 IM; 5th place, 100 Breast; 6th place, 50 Breast
Austin Wharton (Boys 11-12):  5th place, 50 Back & 100 Breast
Abby Yakam (Girls 11-12):  1st place, 100 & 200 IM; 2nd place, 500 Free; 3rd place, 50 Back; 4th place, 100 Free; 5th place, 200 Free; 6th place, 50 Fly
Emma Yakam (Girls 9-10):  1st place, 50 Free
Julia Zaper (Girls 9-10):  2nd place, 100 Free & 200 IM; 3rd place, 100 Back
Asher Zumock (Boys 13-14):  6th place, 100 Free

In addition, the NEW OHJO STATE CUTS attained by our swimmers over the course of the Regional Meet were:

Olivia Bergmann (Girls 11-12):  200 Free
Andrew Bernsdorf (Boys 13-14):  100 & 200 Back, 200 IM, 500 Free
Sydney Boals (Girls 9-10):  50 Breast
Maddy Brandon (Girls 11-12):  50 Free & 50 Fly
Kiara Crumbley (Girls 9-10):  50 Free & 50 Fly
Mike DeAscentis (Boys 11-12):  100 & 200 Free, 100 Back
Olivia Hovorka (Girls 9-10):  50 Fly
Thomas Lennox (Boys 11-12):  50 Breast
Carly Meeting (Girls 9-10):  50 Free
Sydney Sena (Girls 9-10):  50 Back
Abby Yakam (Girls 11-12):  100 & 200 IM
Julia Zaper (Girls 9-10):  200 IM

Our swimmers of the meet!


Carrie Emerman:  Carrie finish up her season very well.  She has been practicing very hard and she has great swims, really working on her technique.  Great Job Carrie.


Caleb Schimming - Caleb went several best times in his events, and placed top ten in most of the events. He showed a willingness to race, and improved all of his strokes.

Jillian Velto - JIllian dropped time in a few of her events, and demonstrated a much better understanding of the fundamentals we practice every day. She improved her turns, starts, and finishes.


Marisa Downs- Tough weekend with swims in the morning and evening that produced lots of best times. A great reward for a hard worker and a great kid.


Lauren Bernacki and Livy Meeting both swam well and stepped up big time at the end of the year! They both had great time drops and swam really well.

Patrick Daly and Diarmuid Hutchinson had huge time drops at regionals as their hard work this year paid off! Both boys had a great outlook and went out there and swam fast!


Jada Johnson- Jada had a great many and achieved many best times.  The best part of the meet was watching her get that " racing attitude" back and approach each of her races with desire and drive!  Nice work Jada!

Jane Taylor- Jane had a great meet!!  Her 500 free was incredible and she dropped almost 13 seconds by racing with correct distance strategies and purpose!  Super job Jane!!

Shraddha Pingali- Shraddha had a super meet of racing!  She achieved many great racing applying all her good practice habits into racing!  She had a break  through and achieved many best times!  Keep up the good work!


Andrew Bernsdorf- Andrew had amazing swims and picked up 4 new very difficult 13-14 cuts.  Most impressive was his 500 free and 200 IM double.   After competing in the 500 free and achieving his JO cut he turned around and swam immediately 20 minutes later and dropped an additional 2 seconds from his prelim swim to achieve his JO cut in his 200 IM!  Great work Andrew!

James Grodesky- Wow!  James had a great meet!  He swam a total of 14 races between prelims and finals and had 13 out of 14 best times!!  He dropped a total of 23 seconds in his 200 free and 24 seconds in his 200 IM! Nice work James!!

Congratulations to all of our boys and girls throughout the 14 & under age groups, and best of luck to those swimmers going on to compete in either individual events or relays in the State Meet!

Kicker Classic

On Sunday, February 9, NAAC hosted the Kicker Classic.  The Kicker Classic is the second meet that NAAC has hosted this season, and it was both well-attended and well-received.   It is no surprise that many of our own swimmers competed in this meet and – again , no surprise – many of our swimmers fared quite well.

Our Swimmers of the Meet!

Reese Baldwin:  1 minute drop on her 25 FR!  Reese has come along way from starting out this fall.   
Sarah McKee:  What a great meet for Sarah.  Heat Winner in both of her events and drop tons of time.  
Josh Emerman:  Josh has really been working hard in practice and it paid off this meet.  Great swims!    

What a GREAT MEET!  I was very impressed with all the swims.  We had great streamlines/finishes and got up to RACE.  I love that the kids tried new events and did such a great job.  The Breakers and Ripples looked great and their hard work is paying off from practice.

Ripples and Breakers, keep up the great work at practice and get ready to swim fast at your Championships!
I did want to give some credit to Breaker Rory Lindholm for being our only no-breather at practice last week.  Not only did he do it once, but twice in practice and then in the meet.


Olivia Shuff- She improved all of her times, and made all of her swims much smoother and more efficient through dedication in practices.

Juliet McDevitt- Juliet demonstrated better stroke technique, as well as executed a flawless breaststroke pullout in her 50 Breaststroke swim.

Mikey Jauchius- Mikey dropped more than 15 seconds in his 50 Free, as well as improved all of his other times as well, doing so with the best technique he has had all year.

Tommy Jauchius - Tommy demonstrated fantastic turns in both his freestyle, and backstroke, as well as dropping time in all of his events.


Mimi Economous: for her hard work and amazing attitude all year which culminated in awesome swims at the meet.


Midori and Kelly Shur- both ladies have worked really hard throughout the season and saw their efforts pay off with huge time drops across the board. Kelly dropped 22 seconds in her 200IM while Midori dropped 19 in her 100 IM. Great job ladies!


Gage Ford: Gage had a great meet and stepped up ready to race!  He had best times in all of his events!! Not only were his swims great 

but his flip turns were some of the fastest I have seen this season form the Typhoon group!

Emily Borchers:  Emily had a great meet and had many best times.  She also stepped out of her comfort zone and tried new events in which she looked amazing swimming!  She is getting closer to breaking that minute in her 100 free swimming it in a 1:00.13!!!!!

Of special note, the following 48 swimmers finished in the top 3 of one or more individual events:

Lara Barker (Girls 9-10):  3rd place, 100 IM

Sydney Bering (Girls 8 & under):  3rd place, 25 Free, Back, Breast, & Fly

Lauren Bernacki (Girls 11-12):  2nd place, 100 Back; 4th place, 50 Back

Andrew Bernsdorf (Boys 13-14):  1st place, 100 Back

Sydney Boals (Girls 9-10):  1st place, 50 Breast

Emily Borchers (Girls 13-14):   1st place, 50 Fly & 100 Free; 2nd place, 100 Fly; 3rd place, 50 Free

Mian Brindisi (Girls 13-14):  1st place, 100 Back

Hunter Conn (Boys 13-14):  1st place, 100 IM; 2nd place, 50 Back; 3rd place, 100 Free

Kiara Crumbley (Girls 9-10):  3rd place, 50 Free

Patrick Daly (Boys 11-12):  3rd place, 50 Breast

Emily Dornsife (Girls 11-12):  3rd place, 100 Fly

Natalie Duperre (Girls 9-10):  1st place, 50 Fly; 2nd place, 50 Free

Gage Ford (Boys 13-14):  1st place, 100 Breast & 200 IM; 2nd place, 100 Free; 3rd place, 50 Free

Claire Gordon (Girls 13-14):  3rd place, 100 IM

Elle Gower (Girls 13-14):  2nd place, 100 Breast

Chloe Griffith (Girls 13-14):  3rd place, 200 IM

James Gordesky (Boys 13-14):  1st place, 50 Back; 2nd place, 100 Back

Maki Hall (Girls 11-12):  1st place, 100 Back; 2nd place, 200 Free

Diarmuid Hutchinson (Boys 11-12):  2nd place, 100 Free; 3rd place, 200 Free

Crew Jochems (Girls 11-12):  3rd place, 200 IM

Jada Johnson (Girls 11-12):  2nd place, 50 Free, 50 Back, & 100 Free

Jared Kass (Boys 11-12):  2nd place, 50 Free; 3rd place, 50 Back

Sammie Kass (Girls 13-14):  2nd place, 50 & 100 Free

Midori Kisanuki (Girls 13-14):  1st place, 50 Back; 2nd place, 50 Fly

Kaden Kist (Boys 8 & under):  2nd place, 100 IM; 3rd place, 25 Back

Jimmy Lapsley (Boys 11-12):  2nd place, 50 Back & 100 Fly

Lauren Lapsley (Girls 13-14):  1st place, 200 Free; 3rd place, 50 Fly & 100 Breast

Thomas Lennox (Boys 11-12):  1st place, 50 Free; 2nd place, 100 Back

Jack Lindemann (Boys 11-12):  1st place, 100 Fly

Livy Meeting (Girls 11-12):  1st place, 100 Fly

Ashlyn Morr (Girls 8 & under):  1st place, 25, 50, & 100 Free; 2nd place, 25 Fly

Evelyn Morris (Girls 9-10):  3rd place, 200 IM

Lilian Muszynski (Girls 11-12):  1st place, 50 Breast; 3rd place, 100 Breast

Luke Parsons (Boys 11-12):  2nd place, 50 & 100 Breast

Claire Bear Richardson (Girls 8 & under):  2nd place, 25 Breast; 3rd place, 25 Free & Fly

Cy Richardson (Boys 9-10):  1st place, 50 Back & 100 Free; 3rd place, 50 Breast

Chris Rogers (Boys 8 & under):  1st place, 50 Fly; 2nd place, 25 & 50 Free; 3rd place, 25 Fly

Wyatt Ross (Boys 11-12):  2nd place, 50 Fly; 3rd place, 50 Free & 100 IM

Lauren Sadler (Girls 13-14):  1st place, 50 Free

Yas Salon (Girls 13-14):  3rd place, 100 Back

Caleb Schimming (Boys 9-10):  1st place, 50 Free; 2nd place, 50 Back; 3rd place, 100 Free

Hope Schimming (Girls 8 & under):  1st place, 25 Back

Kelly Shur (Girls 13-14):  1st place, 50 Breast, 100 Breast, & 200 IM; 2nd place, 100 Back

Josh Smith (Boys 8 & under):  3rd place, 25 Free & 100 IM

Austin Wharton (Boys 11-12):  1st place, 200 IM; 3rd place, 100 Breast

Jack Woo (Boys 13-14):  1st place, 50 Fly; 3rd place, 50 Breast

Abby Yakam (Girls 11-12):  1st place, 50 Back & 100 IM

Asher Zumock (Boys 13-14):  1st place, 50, 100, & 200 Free; 2nd place, 100 Breast

Additionally, congratulations are in order for Natalie Duperre for earning a new OHJO state cut in the Girls 9-10 50 Fly!
t but his flip turns were some of the fastest I have seen this season form the Typhoon group!

TYR Meet!

A few dozen NAAC Eagles flew south recently to Cincinnati to compete in the TYR Sport Invitational.  The TYR Invitational boasts some of the best competition in the state of Ohio and is an excellent marker against which our swimmers can measure themselves.  In this case, 10 of our swimmers performed well enough to score points for our team in the meet, 4 achieved new OJO state cuts, and one swimmer – Elyse Bergmann – established two new team records!

First, the swimmers that placed high enough in individual events to score points for the club were:

Elyse Bergmann (Girls 8 & under):  1st place, 25 Free, Back, Fly, & Breast; 50 Free, Back, Fly, & 100 IM; 3rd place, 50 Breast
Olivia Bergmann (Girls 11-12):  3rd place, 50 Fly & 200 IM; 5th place, 50 Breast; 6th place, 100 Fly; 10th place, 50 Back; 11th place, 100 Back; 12th place, 100 Free
Andrew Bernsdorf (Boys 13-14):  13th place, 200 Free; 16th place, 500 Free
Sydney Boals (Girls 9-10):  14th place, 50 Fly; 15th place, 50 Free
Mike DeAscentis (Boys 11-12):  8th place, 50 Back; 9th place, 100 IM; 14th place, 100 Free; 15th place, 50 Free
Thomas Lennox (Boys 11-12):  16th place, 100 IM
Abby Yakam (Girls 11-12):  3rd place, 50 Breast; 6th place, 100 Breast
Emma Yakam (Girls 9-10):  4th place, 50 Breast; 9th place, 100 Breast
Olivia Young (Girls 9-10):  11th place, 100 Fly
Julia Zaper (Girls 9-10):  3rd place, 50 & 100 Breast; 9th place, 100 IM; 15th place, 50 Fly

Newly achieved OJO State Cuts at the TYR Invitational were:

Elyse Bergmann – 50 Back
Mike DeAscentis – 100 IM
Abby Yakam – 50 Free
Emma Yakam – 100 Breast

Our swimmers of the meet!


Kiara Crumbley:  Kiara for her awesome meet and continued hard work and effort in practice that leads to great swims at meets. 


Olivia Young:  Olivia had many great swims at the TYR meet including many best times but also implementing the things she has been working hard on practice like fast turns!  She continues to drop time in the 100 fly and is one of the few younger swimmers to compete in this "tiresome" event!!  

Jimmy Lapsley:  Jimmy continues to shave time off that 50 back and is getting closer and closer to the JO cut.  He works hard and is always wanting to be the best he can be for his competitions!


Dylan Ferencz:  Dylan had an amazing TYR meet.  He had incredible swims and dropped 2.5 seconds in his 200 free and Almost 21 seconds in his 200 IM..  Keep up the hard work Dylan!

Thomas Lennox:  Thomas swam with determination this past weekend at TYR.  He had best times in several events and went out and dropped 16 seconds in his 500 free!   Keep up the good work Thomas!

Last, but certainly not least, special congratulations again to Elyse Bergmann for setting two new Girls 7-8 team records 

50 Back (37.06) & 200 IM (3.01.60)!!!!

Keep up the good work swimmers!  Championship meets are just around the corner!

Kelly German Meet!

Too many NAAC swimmers to count braved the elements over Martin Luther King Day weekend to swim in the Kelly German Memorial Meet.  Held at Thomas Worthington High School Pool, this meet has historically produced fast times for many of our swimmers, and this year was no exception.  In this case, one team record was broken, five swimmers achieved new OHJO state cuts, two others achieved Central Zone cuts, and 11 NAAC competitors took first place in at least one event or more!  Swimmers who finished in the top six of an event in either the Ultimate or Premier Challenges were:

Ultimate Challenge

Olivia Bergmann (Girls 11-12): 1st place, 50 Back, 50 Fly, 100 Back & 100 IM; 3rd place, 50 Breast; 4th place, 50 Free

Andrew Bernsdorf (Boys 13-14):  3rd place, 200 Fly; 4th place, 400 IM; 6th place, 200 Back

Sydney Boals (Girls 9-10):  3rd place, 50 Back; 6th place, 50 Fly

Mike DeAscentis (Boys 11-12):  2nd place, 200 IM; 5th place, 50 Back, 100 Back, & 100 IM; 6th place, 100 Free

Natalie Duperre (Girls 9-10):  6th place, 100 IM

Emma Hogan (Girls 9-10):  3rd place, 100 Free & 100 Back; 4th place, 50 Fly; 5th place, 50 Back

Sammie Kass (Girls 13-14):  6th place, 200 Breast

Jimmy Lapsley (boys 11-12):  3rd place, 100 Back

Ellie Moellering (Girls 9-10):  5th place, 100 IM; 6th place, 100 Free

Cy Richardson (Boys 9-10):  1st place, 50 Fly; 3rd place, 100 Free; 5th place, 50 Back

Abby Yakam (Girls 11-12):  1st place, 50 Breast; 4th place, 50 Back, 100 & 200 IM

Olivia Young (Girls 9-10):  6th place, 200 IM

Julia Zaper (Girls 9-10):  1st place, 50 Back, 50 & 100 Breast; 2nd place, 50 Fly; 3rd place, 200 IM; 6th place, 50 Free & 100 Back

Premier Challenge

Sydney Arlin (Girls 9-10):  6th place, 25 Free & 100 IM

Elyse Bergmann (Girls 8 & under):  1st place, 25 Free, Back, Fly & Breast; 1st place, 50 Free, Back, Fly & Breast

Chase Boals (Boys 8 & under):  6th place, 50 Free

Emily Borchers (Girls 13-14):  1st place, 50 Fly; 2nd place, 50 & 100 Free

Maddy Brandon (Girls 11-12):  2nd place, 50 Free; 3rd place, 100 IM; 4th place, 100 Back

Mian Brindisi (Girls 13-14):  2nd place, 100 Back; 6th place, 50 Breast

Kiara Crumbley (Girls 9-10):  4th place, 100 IM; 5th place, 100 Free

Patrick Daly (Boys 11-12):  6th place, 500 Free

Calie Demers (Girls 9-10):  3rd place, 25 Fly

Kennedy Gabor (Girls 13-14):  5th place, 50 Free

Crew Jochems (Girls 11-12):  5th place, 50 Fly

Jared Kass (Boys 11-12):  2nd place, 50 Back; 3rd place. 50 Breast & 100 Free; 4th place, 100 IM

Max King (Boys 9-10):  6th place, 25 Breast

Makana Knettler (Boys 9-10):  4th place, 25 Free; 5th place, 50 Back

Lauren Lapsley (Girls 13-14):  5th place, 50 Breast

Carly Meeting (Girls 9-10):  1st place, 25 Free, Back & Breast; 50 Free, Back & Breast; 100 Free & IM

Livy Meeting (Girls 11-12):  3rd place, 50 Back & 50 Fly

Ashlyn Morr (Girls 8 & under):  2nd place, 25 Free & 50 Back; 3rd place, 25 Back & 50 Fly

Collin Morr (Boys 8 & under):  4th place, 50 Breast; 6th place, 50 Breast

Tommy Morris (Boys 11-12):  1st place, 50 Free; 2nd place, 50 Fly; 3rd place, 100 IM; 6th place, 50 Back

Luke Parsons (Boys 11-12):  5th place, 50 Breast

Claire Bear Richardson (Girls 8 & under):  3rd place, 25 & 50 Free, 25 Fly; 5th place, 25 Breast

Wyatt Ross (Boys 11-12):  1st place, 50 Fly, 50 & 100 Breast, 100 IM

Lauren Sadler (Girls 13-14):  1st place, 50 Free; 4th place, 100 IM

Yas Salon (Girls 13-14):  5th place, 50 Back

Evie Samanich (Girls 11-12):  2nd place, 100 Back; 5th place, 100 IM

Sydney Sena (Girls 9-10):  2nd place, 25 Free & Breast, 50 Back, & 100 IM; 3rd place, 50 Free

Ben Stevenson (Boys 9-10):  1st place, 25 Free, Fly & Breast, 50 Free, & 50 Fly; 5th place, 25 Back

Jillian Velto (Girls 9-10):  2nd place, 25 Back; 3rd place, 25 Breast; 5th place, 25 Free

Austin Wharton (Boys 11-12):  6th place, 100 Back

Ty Wunderlich (Boys 9-10):  5th place, 25 Breast

Our swimmers other accomplishments of particular note are:

OHJO State Qualifiers

Sydney Boals (Girls 9-10):  50 Free, 50 Fly

Mike DeAscentis (Boys 11-12):  50 Free

Emma Hogan (Girls 9-10):  50 Fly

Carly Meeting (Girls 9-10):  50 Back
Wyatt Ross ( Boys 11-12): 100 Breastroke

Central Zone Qualifiers

Olivia Bergmann (Girls 11-12):  100 Back

Julia Zaper (Girls 9-10):  100 Breast

New Team Record!

Elyse Bergmann (Girls 8 & under):  50 Back, 37.79 sec

Kelly German Swimmers Of The Meet!


Nathan Apple and Sydney Bering are swimmer of the meet!  They both had great swim this weekend and you could tell that they are putting together everything from practice.  Great Job and Great Work in practice.  Keep up the hard work!


Ty Wunderlich, who dropped time while maintaining his technique, and looking the best he has all season. 

Jenna Wagoner, she has dropped time recently and improved her freestyle, along with swimming longer and trying newer events. 

Hanna Wagoner, she has taken the time to develop all of her strokes and it has been improving her times as well. 

Evelynn Morris, she had a challenging meet by swimming quite a few events, dropping time and trying new events.


Lara Barker: She works hard every time she is at practice and she was able to swim best times in each of her events this weekend. 


Julia Zaper- Had a great meet and placed highly in a number of her events. She had great swims in finals and showed she is tough and knows how to race in all of her events!

Elliot Simpson- Has been one of the most consistent swimmers during practice. He is always positive and always asking what he can improve. That attitude payed off big time this weekend with big drops in a number of events!

TYPHOON:  What a great weekend the typhoon swimmers had!  Each of you were spectacular!  It was hard for me to chose, keep up the great work!!

Lauren Sadler and Kennedy Gabor:  Not only did both of these girls have amazing swims and all best times but what impressed me most were their finishes on the 50 free!  Both Lauren and Kennedy went in hard to the wall, head down with no breathing in from the flags, extended and rolled it in to out touch all their competition and achieve a best time!  Keep up the great work!!!

Emily Borchers:  Emily also had all best times and dropped huge amounts in events! Emily takes practice and meets very seriously and works hard to make adjustments to her strokes and it is paying off!  Keep it up Emily!!

Abby Yakam:  Abby is continuing to develop each of her strokes and is finding out that even though she is amazing at breaststroke she can compete and do very well with other events!!  She had great swims in numerous events and is becoming quite the 200 freestyler!  Nice work Abby!

Congratulations to all of our NAAC swimmers for their performances at the Kelly German!


NAAC swimmers resumed their winter season over the first weekend of the new year in the annual Triple Crown Meet at Upper Arlington High School.  This meet’s unique format allows swimmers of different ability levels to compete and to score points for their club in various tiers according to entry seed times.  Our club took full advantage of this format and 45 swimmers earned top six finishes in their respective divisions thereby scoring points for NAAC.  Even more impressively, 9 of our swimmers scored enough points to finish in the top ten of their age group for total individual scoring.

Our role call will start with these 9 standouts:

Elyse Bergmann (Girls 8 & under) - 1st place
Ashlyn Morr (Girls 8 &under) - 10th place
Sydney Sena (Girls 9-10) - 6th place
Sydney Boals (Girls 9-10) - 8th place
Julia Zaper (Girls 9-10) - 10th place
Olivia Bergmann (Girls 11-12) - 4th place
Cy Richardson (Boys 9-10) - 8th place
Kam Kist (Boys 9-10) - 8th place
Mike DeAscentis (Boys 11-12) - 10th place

Now featuring our swimmers of the meet! 


Rio Hall:  She did a great job in her 25 FLY.  She didn't get DQ and drop 8 seconds.  GREAT JOB RIO!

Jonathon Hammond:  He had a great meet.  He looked great in both his Back and Free!

Nathanael Schimming:  What a great finish to his 2 day meet.  He drop time in all his events and even finished on his back for Backstroke.

Andre Demesa:  Another Breaker swimmer that swam both days and finished with some new times and strong swims.  Great Job Andre!


Carrie Emerman:  Carrie had her best swims of the season.  She looked very strong in the water and her technique was great.

Yasemin Bilgin:  Yasemin has been working very hard in practice and BLEW AWAY her time with a 19.06 in her 25 Free.

Owen Kunstmann:  What a GREAT TWO day meet!  Owen had some great time drops and very strong swim for the weekend finishing up with the 100 IM. 

Conner Lofthouse:  Conner had a great BRESTROKE swim as well as finishing hard in the 100 IM. 


Carolyn Daly, she showed great improvement from the last meet, and dropped time. Her strokes and fundamentals have improved, and she responded to every point of focus with enthusiasm.


Sydney Sena:  She works hard at every practice, has an amazing attitude, is supportive of her teammates and was rewarded with great swims this weekend.

Chris Rogers: He listens to instruction, implements what he is told and swims fast as a result.


Sydney Boals: Sydney had a great meet!  She had personal best and came very close to acheiving some of her JO times.She stepped up and showed us she knows how to race!

Patrick Daly:  Patrick's hard work and great attitude at practices is really paying off.  Patrick had a terrific meet and acheived many best times!!!


Mike DeAscentis: Mike continues to look strong in the water!  He continues to drop time in his events and is showing great improvement with his turns and underwaters!

Austin Wharton:  WOW!  Austin was ready to race!  He has been training hard and to the best of his ability even with a broken toe the last couple weeks.  It sure did pay off with him achieving ALL best times in all his events!!!

The following list identifies all of our swimmers who scored points for the club in the meet:

Elyse Bergmann (Girls 8 & under) - 1st place, 25 Back, 25 Fly, 25 Breast, & 100  IM; 2nd place, 25 & 50 Free
Olivia Bergmann (Girls 11-12) - 1st place, 200 Free; 2nd place, 100 Fly & 200 IM; 5th place, 100 Free
Yasemin Bilgin (Girls 8 & under) - 3rd place, 25 Free; 5th place, 25 Fly
Chase Boals (Boys 8 & under) - 2nd place, 25 Free & 25 Back; 4th place, 25 Fly
Sydney Boals (Girls 9-10) - 1st place, 50 Fly; 2nd place, 100 Free; 4th place, 50 Breast
Mian Brindisi (Girls 13-14) - 5th place, 100 Free
Kiara Crumbley (Girls 9-10) - 3rd place, 100 IM; 6th place, 50 Free & 50 Back
Patrick Daly (Boys 11-12) - 5th place, 200 Free
Mike DeAscentis (Boys 11-12) - 2nd place, 50 Free; 3rd place, 100 & 200 Free
Lila DeLong (Girls 8 & under) - 6th place, 25 Free & 25 Breast
Calie Demers (Girls 9-10) - 5th place, 50 Fly
Natalie Duperre (Girls 9-10) - 2nd place, 50 Fly; 3rd place, 50 Free; 6th place, 50 Back
George Economus (Boys 11-12) - 3rd place, 200 Free
Brandy Harris (Girls 11-12) - 3rd place, 50 Free
Olivia Hovorka (Girls 9-10) - 5th place, 100 Free
Jared Kass (Boys 11-12) - 2nd place, 200 Free
Sammie Kass (Girls 13-14) - 4th place, 100 Free; 5th place, 200 Free
Kaden Kist (Boys 8 & under) - 3rd place, 50 Free
Kam Kist (Boys 9-10) - 1st place, 50 Breast; 3rd place, 100 IM
Makana Knettler (Boys 9-10) - 6th place, 50 Breast
Owen Kunstmann (Boys 8 & under) - 5th place, 25 Free & 25 Fly
Thomas Lennox (Boys 11-12) - 6th place, 200 IM
Connor Lofthouse (Boys 8 & under) - 2nd place, 25 Breast & 50 Free; 5th place, 100 IM
Carly Meeting (Girls 9-10) - 2nd place, 100 IM
Ellie Moellering (Girls 9-10) - 2nd place, 50 Fly & 50 Breast; 5th place, 50 Free
Ashlyn Morr (Girls 8 &under) - 1st place, 25 Free; 3rd place, 50 Free; 6th place, 25 Breast & 100 IM
Collin Mohr (Boys 8 & under) - 2nd place, 25 Free; 4th place, 100 IM; 5th place, 25 Free & 25 Fly
Tommy Morris (Boys 11-12) - 1st place, 200 Free; 2nd place, 100 Free
Claire Richardson (Girls 8 & under) - 3rd place, 25 Fly; 4th place, 50 Free; 5th place, 25 Back
Cy Richardson (Boys 9-10) - 1st place, 100 & 200 Free; 5th place, 50 Free
Chris Rogers (Boys 8 & under) - 3rd place, 25 Back; 4th place, 25 Free & 25 Fly; 5th place, 100 IM; 6th place, 50 Free
Wyatt Ross (Boys 11-12) - 6th place, 100 Breast
Christian Rubcich (Boys 11-12) - 5th place, 50 Free
Yas Salon (Girls 13-14) - 4th place, 100 Free; 5th place, 50 Free
Livi Sanabria (Girls 8 & under) - 4th place, 25 Free
Caleb Schimming (Boys 9-10) - 4th place, 50 Free
Hope Schimming (Girls 8 & under) - 3rd place, 100 IM; 4th place, 25 Back
Nathaniel Schimming (Boys 8 & under) - 4th place, 25 Free; 6th place, 50 Free
Sydney Sena (Girls 9-10) - 1st place, 100 IM; 2nd place, 100 & 200 Free
Ben Stevenson (Boys 9-10) - 2nd place, 50 Fly; 4th place, 100 Free; 6th place, 100 IM
Austin Wharton (Boys 11-12) - 1st place, 100 Free; 5th place, 200 IM; 6th place, 200 Free
Abby Yakam (Girls 11-12) - 2nd place, 100 Breast; 6th place, 200 IM
Emma Yakam (Girls 9-10) - 3rd place, 100 IM
Julia Zaper (Girls 9-10) - 1st place, 50 Breast & 200 Free
Asher Zumock (Boys 13-14) - 3rd place, 100 & 200 Free

Congratulations to all of our swimmers for their strong Triple Crown efforts!  All of your hard work is paying off!

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