Ohio Swimming
Excellence 200


Emergency Protocols


In case of any emergency situation we will communicate via text and email as quickly as possible, and post to our site as soon as possible as well.  Please go over the bullet points below so that you and you swimmer are aware.


  • Lightening – If particularly close and/or intense the lifeguard may clear the pool & have the swimmers wait in or around the locker rooms.


  • Tornado – If sirens are activated we will clear the pool & go to the locker rooms


  • Fire Alarm:     
    • In warm weather exit the pool & building, head to the football field
    • In cold weather clear the pool and wait by a pool deck/courtyard emergency exit until we find out if false or real (if real cross to the weight room with wet, often small children to maintain warmth in cold weather)


  • Other:
    • Active aggressor on campus; shelter in locker room
    • Earthquake; exit pool to the football field