YMCA of Greater Cincinnati Restart Guidelines

Mike Leonard

YMCA of Greater Cincinnati Swim Team
Return to the Pool

Ensure Athletes are Safe

Athletes are NOT permitted to attend practice if…

●They are showing any of the symptoms of COVID-19. They have a fever, cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, chills, headache, sore throat, new loss of taste or smell, or other symptoms listed by the CDC.

●They think they could have COVID-19.

●They have tested positive and are currently showing symptoms of COVID-19.

●They are awaiting the results of testing for COVID-19.

●They have been in close contact with anyone in the 4 categories above.



Cloth face mask is encouraged in common areas

Practice equipment (NO SHARING)

Water bottle (NO SHARING)

Wearing a swimsuit

Showered and have used the restroom at home


Entering and Exiting YMCA and Pool

1. Wait at entrance for screening/temperature

2. Sanitize hands

3. Set personal items down in designated space on pool deck

4. Go to assigned lane

5. Swim practice

6. Dry off & Retrieve items

7. Exit using appropriate door


Return to the Pool Instructions:

1. Wait at the Entrance for Screening - Athletes will enter through the lobby. They will have their temperature taken and sanitize their hands upon entry. We strongly encourage cloth masks to be worn until you have reached the pool deck.  Athletes will place belongings in assigned spaces. **The locker rooms will be closed. Per YMCA and USA Swimming Rules, there will be no deck changing. Athletes need to plan to arrive and leave in their swimsuit.

2. Go to Assigned Lane -Each athlete will go directly to the lane that was assigned through team unify. Lanes will be marked with numbered cones. Personal items will be placed in assigned location.

3. Swim Practice -Swim practices will have at least 1 coach and 1 lifeguard on deck.

Athletes will need to bring all of the required practice equipment and Water bottle. There will be NO sharing of equipment and NO borrowing of equipment.

4. Leaving Practice -Athletes will dry off on deck and retrieve belongings. Exit using the appropriate door. Athletes will follow marked pathway, maintain social distancing at all times, and are expected to be picked up directly at the end of their practice time. Athletes are asked to not congregate in groups in the parking lot or outside areas.


Phase 1
Safety measures including screening process, sanitizing station, 6’+ social distancing in and out of the water, dual start ends, limited group sizes, no locker room use and no changing on site.

Phase 2
Expand practice sessions. Allow swimmers to utilize locker rooms with appropriate social distancing.

Phase 3
Return to normal-like practice schedule and full facility capability. Additional measures will stay in place as needed.