Reminder: COVID-19 Health Safety Mandates

Mike Leonard
Reminder: COVID-19 Health Safety Mandates
Dear Families:
All athletes are to observe all masking and social distancing requirements in all areas of the YMCA at all times.  Updates and reminders are frequently communicated about the requirements specific to team operations, and this reminder is intended to reiterate the COVID-19 Safety Procedures and masking requirements for all team activities.
If your athlete, you or anyone in your family are showing any flu or cold like symptoms, the athlete should not attend practice.  If anyone in your household is awaiting the results of a COVID-19 test, the athlete should not attend practice.  Out of an abundance of safety, please be vigilant in monitoring for any symptoms of everyone in your household.  If any doubt exists, do not attend practice.
Masks are required in all areas of the branch, including while using all equipment and weights in the Health & Fitness Center.  The only exception is while swimming in the pool.  Masks should be worn to and from the lanes and stored in a zip locked bag beside the lane during practice.
Congregating in the pool area or lobby following the completion of a practice is not permitted, and masks must continue to be worn into practice and when leaving practice.
Masks are required to be worn in locker rooms at all times.
All families should remember that an athlete will be quarantined for 14 days in the event of COVID-19 exposure or positive test result.  Usage of the locker rooms only increases the chance of exposure and increases the risk of a 14 day quarantine period away from team training.
The team staff has worked extremely hard to limit the spread of disease.  It cannot be eliminated but it can be limited while moving forward in the sport of swimming.  We need the understanding of all Tigersharks Families to help achieve this ultimate goal.
Thanks again for your efforts to keep our "bubble" safe and healthy.  
Coach Mike