COVID 19-Protocol - Updated 4-27-21

Mike Leonard

Tigersharks Swim Team Operations – 2020-21
COVID 19-Protocol Update – 4-27-21

The following protocols will be mandated for all Tigersharks athletes.  All information is based on current CDC and local health department guidelines. 

Athletes per Lane
Age Group Swimmers
Short Course - Three per side for a total of 6 per lane.
Long Course - Four per side for a total of 8 per lane.
Masters Swimmers
Short Course - Two per side for a total of 4 per lane.
Long Course - Three per side for a total of 6 per lane.

  • Masks and face coverings are required to be worn to the Y and remain on before entering the water and immediately upon exiting the water.
  • Locker Rooms are limited.  Masks and face coverings are to be worn at all times.  Showers are for rinsing prior to and after practice sessions.  Athletes are recommended to wear their suit to and from all practice sessions.
  • All athletes are to follow social distancing procedures at all times.
  • Temperatures will continue to be taken upon entering the YMCA.
  • Hand sanitizer is located at all entrances, athletes will use prior to entering the pool area.
  • Practice lane reservations will continue to be required for all practice sessions.
  • Cancel practice reservations when not able to attend.  This will greatly help to accommodate other team members.
  • All practice groups will record, maintain and provide if asked for, lane assignment log for every practice in order to assist with contact tracing.

COVID-19 Contact Tracing
The YMCA must be notified immediately if an athlete has been in contact with an individual who has tested positive for COVID-19. If the athlete is determined by school or the Health Department to quarantine, the YMCA must be immediately notified with the date the athlete was in contact with the person and the eligible date to return.

COVID-19 Exposure Protocol – Mandated by Hamilton County Health Dept.

Athlete has…

Athlete will…

Family member who is symptomatic and awaiting testing.

Not attend practice until result of test is known.  If positive see below, if negative return to practice.

Exposure, defined as <6 feet for > 10 minutes to a COVID positive individual, not in their household.

Quarantine for 10 days from point of exposure and not attend practice or quarantine for 7 days and return to practice with a negative test result.  Monitor for symptoms.

Ongoing exposure to a COVID positive individual in their household.

Quarantine for 14 days and not attend practice. Monitor for symptoms.

Has tested positive for COVID-19.

Quarantine for 14 days and not attend practice until free of all symptoms.

The YMCA Chief Operating Officer will make final decisions on all COVID-19 cases.

Vaccinated Athletes
Exposed athletes who are vaccinated do not need to quarantine if they remain asymptomatic.

Return to Practice or Competition
All athletes who test positive for COVID-19, whether symptomatic or asymptomatic may not return to practice or competition until a documented medical exam is performed clearing the athlete to return to sports.  The documented medical exam must specifically include an assessment of the cardiac risk of high intensity exercise due to potential myocarditis occurring in some COVID-19 patients.

Additional COVID-19 Safety Requirements
Stay home if you are symptomatic or not feeling well.
Stay home if someone in your household is symptomatic or not feeling well.
Wash hands with soap and water for at least twenty seconds.
Use hand sanitizer frequently.
Maintain 6-foot distances at all times.
Cover coughs and sneezes into your sleeve/elbow.