On this page you will be able to see all of our policies for every situation. These have been created in line with the USA Swimming Model Policies and have been adjusted to meet our teams specific needs.

Action Plan to Address Bullying

USA Swimming Best Practices Guidelines

Athlete Protection Training Requirement for Adult Athletes (18 and up, non masters)

What is an applicable adult?

Locker Rooms and Changing Rooms FAQ

Massages and Rubdowns FAQ

Acknowledgment of MAAPP

Photography Policies

MAAPP and Non USA Swimming Activities

One on One Interactions FAQs

Resource Guide for Peer to Peer Incidents

Social Media FAQs

Travel FAQs


Parent Consent Forms:

These forms will be given out to parents as needed. An example situation that these forms would be used in would be team travel meets.

Photography Consent Form

Consent to be treated by a team doctor 

Consent to allow a minor athlete to room with an adult (18 year old) athlete (would be used in a team travel situation)