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MEET FORMS:        
Disqualification Slip 9/13/2016 Adobe   Form for disqualifications at meets
Relay Take Off Form - 6 Lane Pool 11/18/2009 Adobe Excel The take-off judge form for a 6-lane pool
Relay Take Off Form - 8 Lane Pool 11/18/2009 Adobe Excel The take-off judge form for a 8-lane pool
Relay Take Off Form - 10 Lane Pool 11/18/2009 Adobe Excel The take-off judge form for a 10-lane pool
Referee Meet Pass Down Sheet 7/6/2017 Adobe Word  
On-Deck Lane Change/Add Slip 3/9/2012 Adobe Word Slip for on-deck changes/adds
Officials Sign-in sheets 7/6/2017      
Athlete Time Certification Form  1/28/2017 Adobe   Form to certify intermediate splits/relay lead-off
Timer Split Recording Sheets 1/28/2017          500    1000    

Lap Counter Sheets - Short Course

Lap Counter Sheets - Long Course







800 & 1500   









Each year USA Swimming’s Club Excellence program recognizes the top performing swim clubs in the nation. Club Excellence recognizes the top 200 highest-performing clubs in the development of their athletes 18 years and younger.  
USA Swimming currently has 2800 teams for which Club Excellence recognizes the top 200.  The top 20 clubs earn Gold level ranking and those rated 21-100 are designated as Silver honorees. The next 100 clubs are recognized at the Bronze level.
PCY earned the #2 Bronze ranking missing the Silver designation by a just a finger-tip touch” !
Making this cut is a reflection of the handwork & dedication of our swimmers and coaches.
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…another reason to be ”PCY PROUD” !


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