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The approaching 2020-2021 Short Course Season will include Competition!  We continue to monitor ODH/CDC COVID-19 updated Restrictions & Protocols while following USA Swimming Guidelines on returning to Competition.  

We are currently finalizing details on Meet particulars including what format we will use and where/when meets will be hosted.  Updates will be sent within the next few weeks.....


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MEET FORMS:        
Disqualification Slip 9/13/2016 Adobe   Form for disqualifications at meets
Relay Take Off Form - 6 Lane Pool 11/18/2009 Adobe Excel The take-off judge form for a 6-lane pool
Relay Take Off Form - 8 Lane Pool 11/18/2009 Adobe Excel The take-off judge form for a 8-lane pool
Relay Take Off Form - 10 Lane Pool 11/18/2009 Adobe Excel The take-off judge form for a 10-lane pool
Referee Meet Pass Down Sheet 7/6/2017 Adobe Word  
On-Deck Lane Change/Add Slip 3/9/2012 Adobe Word Slip for on-deck changes/adds
Officials Sign-in sheets 7/6/2017      
Athlete Time Certification Form  1/28/2017 Adobe   Form to certify intermediate splits/relay lead-off
Timer Split Recording Sheets 1/28/2017          500    1000    

Lap Counter Sheets - Short Course

Lap Counter Sheets - Long Course







800 & 1500   








What's New?  

The long anticipated Tech Suit Rule goes into effect September 2020.

This new Rule can be found above 2020 New Tech Suit Rule along with a well-done video explaining this new Rule as well. 


It's likekly our future competition meet format will be "Virtual".  Click on the link below to learn more about virtual meets.....


Virtual Meet



Want more information, or have some specific questions about Officiating?  Email me, Steve Connock directly [email protected]


THANK YOU for your continued support of YMCA Swimming !!