High Performance Aquatics

Community Aquatics Programming at the Kenyon Athletic Center

The story of the team’s name could not be adequately explained without a brief history of the locality in Gambier, Ohio. In 1824, Bishop Philander Chase founded Kenyon College (albeit originally in Worthington, Ohio; several years later Kenyon was moved to its current locale in Gambier, a small town named after a wealthy donor who helped with the opening of the college back in the day). Large donations were gathered from all sorts of wealthy individuals to finance the college. Some of the largest gifts came from Lord Kenyon (after whom the college took its name) and Lady Gambier (for whom the town was named). In honor of these, Kenyon adopted the “Lords and Ladies” as its athletic mascots.
In a feudal society, the nobility - Lords and Ladies - were served by agricultural laborers. These were collectively known as serfs. We opted for the name SERF, both for the nod to the long standing tradition of swimming excellence by the college that serves as our home pool, and also for the homophone with “surf” related to our element, water and swimming.