yesThe YMCA of the USA Swimming & Diving's Outstanding Athlete Award recognizes one male and one female for their excellence in academic achievement and commitment to healthy living and social responsibility through YMCA competitive swimming at SCY National Championship

Applicants Should Meet the Following Criteria

  • A graduating senior and be a YMCA swimmer for five years.

  • Competed in the YMCA Short Course National Championships for three years.

  • Maintain a grade point average of 3.5 or higher on a 4.0 or equivalent scale during senior year in high school.

  • Have plans to continue education at an accredited university or college.

  • Compete at the YMCA Short Course National Championship in his/her senior year and be present to accept the award. 

SPY's Swimmers awarded Outstanding Athlete Award

  1. Katie McHugh
  2. Marcus Geer 2006


Great Lakes Y Zone Championship's

Outstanding Swimmer“Atkinson Scholarship Award”

This Award was established in 1991 by the Great Lakes Zone Swimming Committee to honor Paul Atkinson for his dedicated leadership in establishing this YMCA competitive aquatic program. During his career with the Young Men’s Christian Association of 35 years he devoted over 30 of those years developing and promoting our Great Lakes Zone Championship, as we know it today.  The intent of this award is to recognize a talented male and female from our Zone who has represented their YMCA with distinction. These individuals have been outstanding competitive swimmers and contributors to their YMCA, as well as being good students, active in the church and community, and all-around good citizens. These awards are presented each year at the Zone Championship Meet based on the nominations submitted by a YMCA Swim Coach, YMCA Aquatic Director, President of a YMCA Parents’ Club or a YMCA Executive Director.

SPY's Swimmers awarded Zones' Outstanding Swimmer Award

  1. Jeff Bell 1995
  2. Marcus Geer 2006
  3. Courtney Speakman 2014
  4. Matthew Mayhan 2022


Southwest Ohio Y Swim League's Hall of Fame's Recipient

  • Dave Johnson as Head Coach 1996
  • John Bishop as Athlete/Coach 2003
  • Molly Keriazes as Official 2014
  • Mickey McNeil as Coach 2016
  • Margo Geer as Athlete 2017


Southwest Ohio Y Swim League's Coach of the Year

  • Dave Johnson 2006
  • John Bishop 2000, 2016
  • Bruce Patmos 2007
  • Mickey McNeil 2002, 2010, 2011


YMCA's National Swimming Emerging Leaders Academy Participants


  • High school junior 
  • Grade Point Average 3.0 or higher 
  • Has participated in YMCA National Swimming Championships 
  • Demonstrates positive leadership skills among peers 
  • Exemplifies the YMCA’s core values of Honesty, Caring, Respect and Responsibility. 
  • Willing to express opinions and share ideas 
  • Able to complete challenging two-hour practice sessions of 5,000-7,000 yards without sitting out. Average freestyle intervals 1:15/100 yds and faster. 
  • ​Detailed Application Form 
  • Leadership Essay which describes Emma's personal philosophy of leadership – what is it, why is it important, how do she exercise leadership? 
  • Coach's Letter of Recommendation 
  • Peer Letter of Recommendation
  • School or Civic Person's Letter of Recommendation
  • High School English/Civic Teacher and Student Council Advisor 
  • Submit School/Academic Transcript 

2015: Emma Sampson

2018: Rylie Turner

2019: Reese Turner


USA Swimming's National Age Group Record 

  • Jarrett Payne 11-12 Boys Age Group 50yd Fly 23.49
    • ​3/17/2019
    • 2019 Great Lakes YMCA Zone Championship
    • at The Ohio State University Pool


SPY Coach Mickey McNeil Named to Top Ten Finalists 

for Fitter & Faster Swim Tour's 2019 Age Group Coach of The Year



Margo Geer

  1. 50yd Free
  • 22.67 April 2010 at Ft. Lauderdale (outdoor pool) set Meet Record
  • 22.68 April 2009 at Ft. Lauderdale (outdoor pool) set Meet Record
  1. 100yd Free
  • 48.89 April 2010 at Ft. Lauderdale (outdoor pool) set Meet Record
  • 49.02 April 2009 at Ft. Lauderdale (outdoor pool) set Meet Record
  1. 200yd Free
  • 1:46.20 April 2010 at Ft. Lauderdale (outdoor pool) set Meet Record
  • 1:47.21 April 2009 at Ft Lauderdale (outdoor pool)
  1. 100yd Back 
  • 54.04 April 2010 at Ft. Lauderdale (outdoor pool) set Meet Record
  • 54.19 April 2009 at Ft. Lauderdale (outdoor pool) set Meet Record


Olympic Trials Qualifiers as SPY Swim Team Member

  • Margo Geer 2008

Olympic Trials Qualifiers as SPY ALUMNi

  • Margo Geer 2012 (Univ of AZ), 2016 (Univ of AZ), 
  • Kendra Crew 2016 (Univ of KY)
  • Ragen Engel 2016 (Univ of Akron)
  • Bridget Engel 2020 aka "2021" (Univ of KY)