So you have a swimmer.  Now what?

SWIM-LE is a competitive USA swimming swim club.  We practice year round to develop some of the hardest working, and brightest youngsters in our sport.  

  • If you have a swimmer who likes swimming on a summer league team and wants to take their swimming to the next level then you are in the right place.  
  • If your swimmer has gone through learn to swim programs and wants to see if they can turn those lessons into a competitive pursuit then you are in the right place. 
  • If your swimmer just wants to get ready for summer league by training with us in the spring then you are in the right place.

Our Short Course (indoor) practice season starts the first week of September. We do hold a tryout for all New Swimmers.  Tryouts are held at the Development practice times the first week of the practice season.  You and Your swimmer will be instructed as to which group you will be assigned at the conclusion of the tryout.

Fall Registration   

  • In Late July you can sign up for:
    • The Indoor Season, which runs from September through late May, or
    • The entire year, which includes our Indoor season and our Outdoor season.
  • Space can be limited
  • Registration will close January 1st.

Spring Registration

  • In Mid March (after the Short Course Champs) you can register for Spring Indoor.
  • This lasts from early April till the end of the Indoor season in late May.
  • Swimmers joining in the spring will join our Fall swimmers for the balance of the Indoor season.
  • Registration will close quickly and is subject to available space

Summer Registration

  • In May we will have Summer program registrations.  
  • There will also be stroke camps available in the summer.  Details will be posted on the website when available.



Are you looking for more information?

Check out the Coach's to learn more about our staff.

Take a look at some of our history  to see where we have been.

What does it mean when you say "practice group"?

Meets are at the swimmer and parents discretion.  We do have a mandatory home meet the first weekend in November.  This is a fund raising meet called Splash Out Cancer.  Beyond this meet you get to decide how many meets you attend.  There are meets for all levels so pick wisely.  Our coaching staff will help you select the meets and events if you need it.  

We hope that you find our information helpful in deciding if SwimUnited is right for you and your swimmer.  

Thank You