Note From Parent Meeting!

Don Arslanian
When are Champs?    Meet Schedule
  • 8 and under:  2/16 in Twinsburg, no time standard but need legal time to qualify
  • Regional:  2/23 in Medina, slower than A time and a legal time to qualify.  Parents, you will likely be sitting around the slide/activity pool so you may want to bring a lawn chair.
  • LESI Age Group:  2/28-3/1 - single age A time or faster.  Yes, this meet is now called  Lake Erie Junior Olympics, but everything else is the same.
  • LESI Sr: see schedule
Your child may swim in more than one champs meet based on their age and qualifying times.
All swimmers are encouraged to swim in the Champs meet!!!  Swimmers who swim in Champs receive a Swim United Champs shirt that is included with dues.
A legal time means, regardless of speed, the swimmer finished this race in a USA Swim meet without being disqualified.
Schedule   Practice schedules
Short Course season goes through May 22.  Even though Champs is in February, the season goes through 5/22 and you do not need to register again.  (You will see sign-ups for "Spring Session", but that is for swimmers who start after spring break and have not been swimming the season with the team.)
Swim spring break is 2/24-3/30 for Development and Performance, 3/16-3/30 for Elite and Senior.  There will likely be a social event planned during this time.
The banquet will be 4/19.   All swimmers are encouraged to attend.  More info coming.
Meet Q&A - General 
Generally, how do I know if my swimmer is in the afternoon or morning session of a meet?  Parents are encouraged to carefully review the Word document that is attached to every Meet Entry email you receive.  This will explain what events and ages swim in the morning vs afternoon session.
If my swimmer swims in the afternoon, how do I know what time the warm-up starts?  This information posted the Wednesday prior to the meet on the Lake Erie swimming site, and also a link to this is included in the meet information.   Lake Erie
Should my child swim in warm up if they have an event later in the session?  Yes, it is important for your swimmer to experience their warm up routine, and for many sessions your swimmer needs to circle-in (for positive meet attendance) prior to warm-up anyway. Swimmers who swim in the afternoon should warm-up in the afternoon's warm-up session.
How are meets billed to my account?  The payment for the meet is posted on your account as soon as Swim United's Meet Entry chair submits the entire team to the meet.  Your account will actually be automatically charged the 1st of the following month.
How do I know where other Swim United parents are at meets?  We encourage Swim United parents to sit together.  Wearing Swim United apparel is one way to recognize a fellow team parent.  We appreciate all parents and the time devoted to meets and transportation!
How to deck enter into a meet
  • Arrive at the very beginning of warm-ups to ensure you meet the time deadline for deck entry - usually 30-60 minutes prior to the meet starting time. 
  • Find the deck entry table - usually on deck or close to deck
  • You will need to know your swimmer's USA Swimming # - this can be found in your ON DECK app or DECK PASS app
  • You will fill out a form with the events you are requesting your swimmer to enter, pay deck entry fee per event, plus an additional LESI surcharge (if your swimmer was not already entered into the meet)
  • Deck entries will be seeded at NT - and will be in the first heat of the event
  • Your swimmer will only be allowed to deck enter if there are empty lanes in the requested event.  In other words if an extra heat has to be added in order for your swimmer to compete, you will be denied deck entry and your entry fee will be returned to you.  
How do I know what size suit my swimmer should wear?    Visiting Aquatic Outfitters in North Canton is recommended for excellent sizing.  Aquatic Outfitters is Swim United's apparel partner and also has a booth at many meets.    There is always the option of talking to parents about their experience.