Ohio Swimming
Level 3


"We couldn’t be happier about our children's experiences this year. We were so excited and happy that our daughter made the two JO relays; it was unexpected but was so inspiring for her and was the greatest reward of all. We were so impressed that our son was able to do all of long course at the end of his first year. I have to tell you that Coach Grant is such a wonderful person. He is an amazing coach and has such a connection with the kids. His practices are so strategically designed. He really gets the kids to perform at their best. He knows the kids individually and is always so positive and upbeat. He is really able to communicate swimming technique so well and we know that you were his coach before. He is truly gifted. We are so grateful for all that you do and are so proud to be members of this swim team."
           - Vanessa O, Swim parent

"My husband and I are a bit sentimental this week because we never thought we’d see the day that our daughter would be one of those swimmers to win all of her heats, get all PBs and actually “compete.” That day came this weekend, thanks to our USA Coaches. 

Our girl started out swimming after seeing a team practice at Premier while she was there working with a trauma specialist because she was so afraid of water that she couldn’t even take a bath. I’m not even sure her coaches know this!  Both of them have done so much for her – Coach Grant, for two years, and now Coach Matt, in just a few short months.  

She was 7 when she first decided to swim for USA. She’s now 10 and the Coaches have said she is within 8 tenths of a second of a JO time last weekend in one of her swims. Amazing!

She’s now addicted to the water, she’s made such good friends on the team, and she loves and trusts her coaches more than I can put into words. We are just so grateful she has something she loves. Nothing has made a greater impact on her life than USA.

Thank you so, so much.  We are forever grateful."

- Kelley S, Swim Parent

"As I reflect on my time on USA, from its founding in 2009 to my High School graduation in 2015, I couldn't be more grateful for the skills I gained to succeed both in and out of the pool and for the lifelong friendships I was able to form.  In the pool, Coach Chris instilled in me a focus for technical detail and a desire for greatness that laid the foundation for my success as a Division 1 swimmer.  Outside of the pool, the USA coaching staff worked with me extensively to develop goal setting and time management skills as well as mental toughness and resilience from a young age that served me as an engineering student in college and now as a medical student.  Perhaps the best part of USA, though was how much of a family the team was to me.  USA brought me a number of lifelong friends, memories and amazing experiences that I wouldn't have gotten anywhere else.

          - Reed M, The Ohio State University Swim Team / United Swim Association graduate

“This skills and knowledge I acquired through swimming at USA not only made me a much better swimmer but a better person in general. USA gave me an avenue to grow and develop into the person I am today and introduced me to some of the most incredible and supportive coaches and teammates, many of which, even after having graduated three years ago, are still some of my best friends.  I can only hope that future swimmers can benefit as much from their experiences at USA as I have, whether it be in their athletic, personal, or professional lives.“

- Jack S., University of Pennsylvania Swim Team / United Swim Association graduate

"No other team I know has the well-rounded training program USA offers. The teammates are a blast, the coach is passionate, and I am able to compete at my best year-round. I would not be able to swim in college without the foundation USA has given me."


- Westin F., United Swim Association Senior Select Team



"I wanted to pass along our thanks and excitement about our daughter in the advanced non-competitive group.   This is our daughter's first year with USA.  She was with another club for a few years.  We have to say, she has received more coaching from Coach Sam in the four practices with him than she ever did in the other club.  We can't thank you and Coach Sam enough for this experience.  Allie even notices the difference in coaching!  She talks about how practice is hard, but it is fun.  As parents, this is the perfect combination.   Thank you so much for providing great coaches!"

- Ed and Betsy - Swim Parents