Ohio Swimming
Level 3

Season Highlights**

**Disclaimer:  If any children have been omitted by accident, please notify Chris Hadden to correct the mistake.


David Webb Memorial Invitational (Clippers)

Event Winners:  Emma Bowman 100 Fly, 50 Fly, Maya Geringer 1500 Free (meet record), Margaret Marando 50 Free, Alexis Peltcs 100 Breast, 50 Breast, Jacob Rider 50 Back, Brady Vann 1500 Free, 400 Free


All Best Time Achievers:  Macie Arnett, Brynn Conrad, Julia Eiferman, Addie Johanssen, Owen Johanssen, Natalie Kremin, Luke Morelli, Thomas Nguyen, Alexis Peltcs, Avery Peltcs, Jacob Rider, Moises Rodriguez, Michael Vertikoff, Colson Wenzel


Team Goals Accomplished:

            Top 4 Team Finish:  2nd place!!  Only lost to host team that won JO’s this summer.

            180+ Personal Best Times:  296 Best times!!

            Big team presence making it back to finals:  Yes, that’s why we got 2nd place!

            Great team presence:  Yes!!

            Great travel meet for the team:  Absolutely!

            Great preparation for a fantastic championship season:  Proof is in results!


Meet Summary:  This was a phenomenal meet for USA.  It set the stage for the fantastic championship season results.  64.4% best times!  USA looked great racing each night at finals.  Way to go team!



Jill Griesse Memorial Invitational (Denison)


Event Winners:  Macie Arnett 50 Back, 100 Back, Emma Bowman 100 Free, Libby Grether 100 Back, 200 Back, 200 Free, 400 IM, 50 Fly Owen Johanssen 100 Breast, 200 Breast


All Best Time Achievers:  A’laa Andrist, Israa’ Andrist, Rose Boettner, Luke Dauer, Addison Daugherty, Shreyas Krishna, John Lobley, Thomas Nguyen, Tiffany Ponto, Liam Powers, Abigail Radtke, Lily Schneider, Michael Vertikoff, Tanmayi Vinapamula, Mia Wenclewicz, Danny Wheaton


Team Goals Accomplished:

            Top 5 Team Finish – 5th place!  1724 points!  Girls 2nd place!  Almost won!

            35+ Heat Winners:  56 Heat Winners!

            150+ Personal Best Times:  324 Best Times!  Doubled the goal!

            Great team camaraderie:  Yes!


Meet Summary:  This was an excellent mid-season meet.  It is good to race while fatigued.  60% best times!  We competed very well as a team against very good competition.  Another great result for USA as a team.


Bowling Green Summer Invitational


Event Winners:  Macie Arnett 50 Back, Libby Grether 100 Back, 200 Back, Margaret Marando 50 Free, Mia Wenclewicz 100 Free, 50 Back, 50 Breast, 50 Fly, 50 Free


All Best Time Achievers:  Josh Chi, Kendall Dauer, Anna Hiller, Alexander Kremin, Riley Laymon, John Lobley, Abigail Radtke, Lily Schneider, Laken Wenclewicz, Mia Wenclewicz


Team Goals Accomplished:

            40+ Heat Winners:  49 Heat Winners!

            150+ Personal Best Times:  194 Best Times!


Meet Summary:  This meet was a mid-season grind.  It is good to race while fatigued.  We competed very well as a team.  It was a good to watch USA race against familiar competition and race well.


SWAC Spring Splash Invitational


Team Finish:  2nd Place!


Event Winners:  Macie Arnett 100 Back, 200 Free, 50 Back, Emma Bowman 100 Fly, 100 Free, 200 IM, 50 Fly, 50 Free, Audrey Brink 200 Breast, Addison Daugherty 200 Back, Libby Grether 100 Back, 100 Fly, 100 Free, 200 Back, 200 Free, 400 Free,  Owen Johanssen 100 Breast, 200 Breast Riley Lombardo 100 Back, 100 Fly, 100 Free, 50 Back, 50 Fly, 50 Free Alexis Peltcs 100 Breast, 50 Breast, Grace Rider 100 Breast, Kai VanBourgondien 100 Back, Reilly Vann 100 Free, 200 Back, 200 Free, 200 IM, Colson Wenzel 50 Free


All Best Time Achievers:  Macie Arnett, Jacob Bennett, Antonio Borromeo, Emma Bowman, Bella Bowman, Nic Bowman, Gabby Brown, Lia Bruncak, Josh Chi, Ahnika Dauer, Luke Dauer, Addison Daugherty, Henry Drewes, Julia Eiferman, Michael Foster, Katelyn Johanssen, Owen Johanssen, Sammy Knight, Alex Krasniewski, Julia Krasniewski, Natalie Kremin, Hayden Lamoreaux, Riley Lombardo, Jacob Miller, Erinn Minamyer, Cora Morton, Charlotte Parks, Tiffany Ponto, Kiera Powers, Liam Powers, Lily Schneider, Sai Vidur Senthil Nathan, Sai Vidyud Senthil Nathan, Ashton Stricklin, Sienna Valerio, Carrie White, Jake Wood, Cici Yarbrough


High Point Winner:  10 and under girls SWEEP!  1st Emma Bowman, 2nd Macie Arnett, 3rd Addison Daugherty, Riley Lombardo 8&U boys, Libby Grether 13-14 girls


Team Goals Accomplished:

            Top 3 Team Finish:  2nd Place!

            40+ Heat Winners:  92 Heat Winners!

            150+ Personal Best Times:  305 Best Times!

            Great team camaraderie:  Absolutely!  Great travel meet


Meet Summary:  This meet is always a great start to the season.  We competed very well as a team.  We reached the team goals.  It was great to have all the kids compete so well.  USA looked extremely strong against Indiana competition.  70.4% Best Times as a team!


TYR Sport Winter Invitational


Team Finish: 4th Place!  1456.5 points!


Event Winners:  Brogan Gehring 100 Breast, 200 Breast, Libby Grether 200 Back, Riley Lombardo 100 IM, 25 Back, 50 Back, 50 Fly, Margaret Marando 400 IM, 100 Fly, 100 Free, 200 Fly, 200 Free, 50 Free, Brady Vann 500 Free, 1650 Free


All Best Time Achievers:  I am sorry to not recognize.  We fudge many swimmers’ times and it affects the report I use for best times.  Therefore, I choose to not recognize all as many will be omitted. 


Team Goals Accomplished:

            Top 5 Team Finish:  4th Place!

            150+ Personal Best Times:  205 Best Times!!!

            25+ New JO Qualifying Times:  33 new cuts!

            Big group competing in Finals each day:  Huge team presence at finals!

            Fantastic Finals performances as a team:  USA looked great as a team at finals!

            Great team presence on deck and in the stands:  I felt it!

            Another great travel experience for USA swimmers:  Absolutely!


Meet Summary:  This was phenomenal meet for USA.  This was a very fast and competitive meet.  USA competed with the best and looked great.  This is a great sign for a great championship season to come!  Great job team!


GCSTO Last Ditch Meet



Event Winners:  A’laa Andrist 100 IM, Jude Boettner 100 Breast, 100 IM, 200 Free, Jack Hayes 200 Free, Joe Hayes 100 IM, 50 Breast, 50 Fly, Natalie Kremin 200 IM, Sai Vidyud Senthil Nathan 50 Breast, Jake Wood 200 Fly


All Best Time Achievers:  A’laa Andrist, Israa’ Andrist, Jude Boettner, Antonio Borromeo, Ian Drewes, Jack Hayes, Brody Jasper, Katelyn Johanssen, Julia Krasniewski, Alexander Kremin, Carrick Milligan, Katherine Paull, Kiera Powers, Sai Vidyud Senthil Nathan


Team Goals Accomplished:

            40+ Heat Winners:  62!

            150+ Personal Best Times:  158 Best Times!!!

            Best time for every swimmer:  Yes!  Every swimmer achieved best times


Meet Summary:  This was another great meet for USA.  Every swimmer swam best times and there were lots of heat winners.  It was a great finish to a great regular season for these swimmers.  Great job team!


GCSTO January B Meet


Event Winners:  Macie Arnett 50 Free, Addie Daugherty 100 Free, Henry Drewes 100 Free, 50 Back, 50 Free, Joe Hayes 50 Back, 50 Fly, Riley Lombardo 25 Back, 25 Fly, 50 Free,Alexis Peltcs 100 IM, 50 Breast, Boys 8&U 100 Medley Relay of Max Johnson, Jude Boettner, Riley Lombardo, Jack Hayes, Girls 9-10 Medley Relay of Addie Daugherty, Alexis Peltcs, Tiffany Ponto, Macie Arnett, Boys 9-10 Medley Relay of Joe Hayes, Alex Krasniewski, Henry Drewes, Danny Wheaton


All Best Time Achievers:  Abigail Radtke


Team Goals Accomplished:

            20+ Heat Winners:  26!

            Great meet experience for the kids:  Yes!


Meet Summary:  This was another very good meet for USA.  The kids took advantage of competing well at another meet.


FAST Mudsock Classic


Event Winners:  Margaret Marando 100 Fly, 100 Free, 200 Fly, 50 Free, Reilly Vann 100 Back, 200 Back, 200 Free, 200 IM


Team Goals Accomplished:

            Best times for every swimmer:  Every swimmer got a best time!

            Great meet experience for the kids:  Yes!


Meet Summary:  This was a great meet for my High School USA swimmers.  The kids took advantage of racing different competition in Indianapolis and competed very well.  The kids persevered with the weather cancellations.  The 5 swimmers competing outscored many teams with over 50 kids participating!!!  Way to go USA!


Upper Arlington Triple Crown


Team Finish: 3rdPlace!


Event Winners (please note there are 3 winners per event with the Triple Crown format):  A’laa Andrist 100 Breast, Macie Arnett 50 Back, 50 Fly, 50 Free, Jacob Bennett 100 Fly, 100 IM, Emma Bowman 100 Free, Audrey Brink 100 Breast, Libby Grether 100 Back, 100 Fly,Joe Hayes 50 Fly, Owen Johanssen 100 Back, 100 Breast, 100 Fly, 200 Free, Sammy Knight 100 Back, Charlotte Laycock 100 Fly, Eli Lombardo 200 Free, 50 Back, Riley Lombardo 100 IM, 25 Back, 25 Free, 50 Free, Neve Murray 100 Fly, 100 Free, 100 IM, 200 Free, Zoe Musselman 100 Fly, Jared Rabadam 200 Free, 50 Free, Grace Rider 100 Breast,Moises Rodriguez 100 Free, 200 Free,Lily Schneider 50 Breast, Sai Vidyud Senthil Nathan 100 Breast, 100 Free, Reilly Vann 100 Breast, Mia Wenclewicz 25 Back, Julia Ybarra 50 Back, 50 Fly, 13-14 200 Medley Relay – Libby Grether, Grace Rider, Charlotte Laycock, Brynn Conrad


All Best Time Achievers:  A’laa Andrist, Lia Bruncak, Kendall Dauer, Luke Dauer, Anna Drewes, Ian Drewes, Max Johnson, John Lobley, Carrick Milligan, Sadie Savage, Ashton Stricklin, Tanmayi Vinapamula, Laken Wenclewicz, Mia Wenclewicz, Julia Ybarra


Team Goals Accomplished:

            Top 3 Team Finish:  3rdPlace!

            50+ Heat Winners:  77!

            200+ Personal Best Times:  294 Best Times!!!

            Great team presence on deck and in the stands:  I felt it!


Meet Summary:  This was another great meet for USA.  294 Personal Best Times is awesome!  Our practice attendance over the holiday break was very good and it showed with awesome racing.  It was great to see the hard work pay off with the meet results.  Great job team!  


GCSTO Holiday Open


Event Winners:  Macie Arnett 50 Back, Jude Boettner 200 Free, Emma Bowman 50 Fly, Bella Bowman 100 Breast, 100 IM, 50 Fly, Addie Daugherty 50 Back, Joe Hayes 100 Free, Riley Laymon 100 IM, Eli Lombardo 100 Breast, 100 IM, 50 Back, Riley Lombardo 100 Free, 25 Free, 50 Back, 50 Fly, 50 Free, Tiffany Ponto 50 Fly, Kiera Powers 25 Breast, 25 Free, 50 Breast


All Best Time Achievers:  Shreyas Krishna, Kiera Powers, Liam Powers, Sai Vidur Senthil Nathan, Elyn Starnes 


Team Goals Accomplished:

            30+ Heat Winners:  38!

            Great racing from the USA Swimmers – YES!!!


Meet Summary:  We had a good size team compete.  There were 124 Best Times and our swimmers competed well.  Nice job swimmers!  


Shaker Sharks Winter Invitational


Team Finish: 2ndPlace!  Girls won the meet!  USA walked with a trophy.


Event Winners:  Libby Grether 100 Back,Margaret Marando 200 Fly, 100 Fly, Jared Rabadam 100 Free, 200 Breast, Brady Vann 100 Free, 1000 Free, 200 Fly, 100 Fly, Open Girls 400 Free Relay – Grace Rider, Libby Grether, Brogan Gehring, Margaret Marando


All Best Time Achievers:  Emma Bowman, Bella Bowman, Addie Daugherty, Erinn Minamyer, Caitlyn Mundwiler, Jared Rabadam, Jacob Rider, Moises Rodriguez, Ashton Stricklin, Michael Vertikoff, 


Team Goals Accomplished:

            Top 5 Team Finish:  2ndPlace!

            50+ Heat Winners:  68!

            Great Team Relays:  Yes, girls open 400 free won! Most team relays scored!

            150+ Personal Best Times:  222 Best Times!!!

            Great team presence on deck and in the stands:  I felt it!

            Another fun and successful travel meet:  Absolutely!


Meet Summary:  This was a very special meet for USA.  USA always performs great at this meet.  However, the coaching staff and I thought the finals session on Saturday was the best finals session in team history.  So many great performances all night.  222 Best times showed the entire team brought it.  Great job team!  


Ohio Swimming Senior Championships


Team Finish:  6th Place Combined!


All Best Time Achievers:  Paul Carter, Madison Hoschak, Morgan Morcher, 


Scored Championship Points for the team:  Elise Barbour, Dalton Brown, Kael Gannon, Brogan Gehring, Maya Geringer, Nicholas Kremin, Grace Lane, Margaret Marando, Liz Passias, Ian Smith, Brady Vann


Made the Podium (Top 3):  Maya Geringer, Margaret Marando, Brady Vann


Team Goals Accomplished:

            Top 6 Team Combined:  6thPlace!

            75+ Personal Best Times:  86 Best Times!

            Great finals / relays performances:  Yes!


Meet Summary:  We had 23 swimmers competing.  It was great to have the group together competing.  The team camaraderie was great.  





Event Winners:  Riley Lombardo 25 Back, 25 Free, 50 Free,8&U Boys 100 Medley Relay – Max Johnson, Jude Boettner, Riley Lombardo, Ethan Farnham


All Best Time Achievers:  Nicolas Bowman,Gabriella Brown, Kelsie Cotton, Kendall Dauer, Ian Drewes, Jack Hayes, Katelyn Johanssen, Max Johnson, Alex Krasniewski, Julia Krasniewski, Natalie Kremin, Riley Laymon, Riley Lombardo, Kiera Powers, Liam Powers, Daniel Wheaton, Carrie White


Team Goals Accomplished:

            25+ Heat Winners:  27 Heat Winners!

            40+ Personal Best Times:  71 Best Times!  97.3% Best Times!!!


Meet Summary:  Wow! What a great meet for our Future Stars. There were only 2 swims that were not best times.  The future is looking bright.  Great start to the season for these kids.  



OSSC Thanks for Giving Fall Classic


Team Finish:  4thPlace!


Event Winners:  Riley Lombardo 25 Back, 50 Back, Abby Radtke 25 Free, 25 Fly, 25 Breast, 50 Free, Jared Rabadam 100 Breast, Reilly Vann 200 Free


All Best Time Achievers:  Jacob Bennett, Rose Boettner, Antonio Borromeo, Lia Bruncak, Julia Eiferman, Shreyas Krishna, Noah Loudon, Carrick Milligan, Katherine Paull, Abby Radtke, Sai Senthil Nathan, Macy Shellhaas, Sienna Valerio, Laken Wenclewicz, Mia Wenclewicz, Chelsea Yarbrough, Julia Ybarra


Team Goals Accomplished:

            Top 5 Team Finish:  4thPlace!

50+ Heat Winners:  71 Heat winners!


Meet Summary:  Another great team meet.  The ratio of swimmers to heat winners was extremely high.  It was great to see the kids out race their competition in heats. 


Upper Arlington Golden Bear Invitational


Team Finish:  3rdPlace!


Event Winners:  Libby Grether 200 Back, Margaret Marando200 Fly, 100 Fly, 100 Free, Moises Rodiguez 200 Fly, Jared Rabadam 50 Free, 100 IM, 50 Breast, 100 Free


All Best Time Achievers:  Rose Boettner, Lia Bruncak, Naomi Christianson, Emmerson Edwards, Julia Eiferman, John Lobley, Charlotte Milligan, Tiffany Ponto, Macy Shellhaas, Jackson Ward, 


High Point Winner:  Jared Rabadam 11-12 boys


Team Goals Accomplished:

            Top 3 Team Finish:  3rdPlace!

            75+ Heat Winners:  92 Heat Winners!


Meet Summary:  This meet is always a great start to the season.  We competed very well as a team.  We reached the team goals.  It was great to have all the kids compete so well.