Collegiate Swimmers

Committed Seniors

Dylan Beeson - Rollins College

Gabe Coleman - Oklahoma Christian University

Owen Flynn - Trinity University

Lydia Lafferty - University of Kansas

Piper McNeil - University of Missouri


Current Collegiate Swimmers

Dewi Blose - University of Kansas

Katie Callahan - University of Kansas

Ryan Clark - University of Missouri - St. Louis

Luke Davis - University of Missouri

Kellie Fischer - Missouri State

Noah Froese - Arizona Christian University

George Glover - US Military Academy at West Point

Sam Hart - Rochester Institute of Technology

Jaidyn Hooper - La Salle University

Zhenya Ingram - West Virginia University

Max Myers - University of Notre Dame

Hanna Newby - Auburn University

Cheyenne Parks -  Oklahoma Christian University

Kaleb Putman - University of Wisconsin - Green Bay

Angelina Rossi - Purdue University

Grant Stucky - Claremont McKenna College

Jazz Widney - Alfred State College




Past Collegiate Swimmers

Grant Denison - Oklahoma Christian University

Chelsea Ye - Duke University

Joe Short - Drexel University

Zach Cook - SMU

Avery Niemann - University of Denver

Preston Selby - Missouri State

Naresh Naik - Missouri State

Naryan Naik? - Missouri State

Issac McKnight - Missouri State

Paul Lee - Missouri State

Samantha Woodward- Stanford University

Megan Holthoff - Missouri State

Hogan Thomas- Penn State

Andrew Asselah - Oklahoma Christian University

Jessi Hildebrand - University of Evansville

Kacey Rein - University of Evansville

Sara Nazari-Southern Illinois

Sarah Helton- Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Hunter McEachern- UNLV

Rylee Linhardt-Rice University

Mason York - Florida Southern College

Alex Ballard - Florida Southern College

Annah Baykal - University of Kentucky

Riley Bunyard - Ouachita Baptist University

Hannah Forbat - Oklahoma Christian University

Craig Tompkins - McKendree University

Preston Selby - Missouri State

Conner St. John - St Louis University

David Plummer - University of Minnesota

Amberly White - Olivet Nazarene University

Colton Laramore - Henderson State University

Jared Prince - Henderson State University

Shelby Laramore - University of Nebraska at Kearney

Riley Powelson - Oklahoma Christian University

Hank Bockus - SMU

Andy Bockus - US Navel Academy



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