Through the years, AESC has evolved into one of the finest competitive swim program in Oklahoma. The attention given by our coaches has created an excellent atmosphere for the development of young swimmers. Commitment to quality does not come without cost. Retaining availability of pools and qualified coaching requires year-round leases and high, fixed costs. We provide our excellent coaching staff with competitive compensation for their many hours of dedication. These issues create a constant monthly expense and are only two of the numerous expenses incurred on an ongoing basis.


AESC provides our athletes the opportunity to compete at one of the highest levels available in the OKC area. AESC hosts several meets throughout the short-course and long-course seasons. By hosting these meets, we provide this opportunity to our athletes but allow our AESC families to attend meets in the OKC area, which cuts down on travel, hotel, and dining costs that quickly accumulate at out-of-town meets. A well-run swim meet requires an army of volunteers. Therefore, AESC requires that families help us continue and build this vision by contributing service hours throughout each year.


Required Volunteer Hours

The table below lists the minimum volunteer hours for each family for each of the swimming seasons. (The short-course yard season runs from September through March. The long-course meter season runs from April through August.) Seventy-five percent (75%) of each family’s volunteer hours must contributed at team-hosted meets except as designated below for serving on the listed committees. Families who fail to complete the required service hours will be assessed $250 fee per season and may be prevented from re-registering the following swim year.


Training Group

Short-Course Yard Season

Long-Course Meter Season


5 hrs

5 hrs


15 hrs

5 hrs


20 hrs

10 hrs


25 hrs

10 hrs


30 hrs

10 hrs


10 hrs.

10 hrs.


For families with multiple swimmers, the number of service hours is determined by the child in the highest training group. (For example, a family with Silver and Bronze level swimmers would be required to contribute 20 hours in the short-course season and 10 in the long-course season).


Volunteer Hours for Serving on Committees

Service hours can also be earned by providing one year of service on one of the following Standing Committees or any Oklahoma Swimming committee:


  • Summer League Committee - up to 50% of service hours
  • Meets Committee - up to 100% of service hours


Serving on one of the above committees will count toward your volunteer contribution if:


  • The Committee Chair indicates your active participation within the group. You must participate through the entire year. Simply attending meetings does not constitute active participation.


  • You’ve missed no more than two consecutive meetings and four total meetings during the year. Missing meetings is grounds for removal from the committee.


Prorating Service Hours

The service commitment will be prorated for new members who join after September or members who have left for a period of time and are returning. Additionally, the AESC Board of Directors may, from time to time, review the service commitment and adjust the requirements based on needs.


Additional Volunteer Requirement for AESC‐Hosted State and DII Meets Should AESC host an Oklahoma Swimming State Championship or Division II meet during any season (short course or long course), every member family (with the exception of precompetitive families) will be required to work at least one session of the Championship or Division II meet. This requirement is in addition to the families’ regular service hour obligations.


How to Volunteer for Swim Meets

A few weeks prior to each AESC hosted meet, the Volunteer Coordinator will send an email alerting the team to job signups. Members may log in and choose an available slot(s). Positions include timing, concessions, hospitality, heat-sheet sales, awards, and officials. Some positions require training and/or certification. Please contact the Volunteer Coordinator (Brandy Parks at bluebonnet_72@yahoo.com) or a board member if you are interested in training. In the weeks following the swim meet, the Volunteer Coordinator will post your hours on your account. Any service contributions made outside of team-hosted meets must be reported to the Volunteer Coordinator in a timely manner.