Who We Are:

Our mission is to develop leaders with integrity, discipline and excellence in the water, in families, and in the community.

Our vision for the future is twofold: To produce elite and national caliber athletes on a consistent basis. To foster communities where water safety and swimming are accessible to all in a safe and supportive environment.


Contact: [email protected]

Team Feed

2021-2022 Short Course Meet Schedule

2022 Swim Meet Schedule is attached.

By Cindy Lightfoot

2020 Long Course Meet Schedule

2020 Long Course (Summer) Meet Schedule Meet Dates Location KMS Spring Twister May 1-3 Canceled Edmond, OK Jenks Aloha Meet May 15-17 Canceled Jenks,...

By Nicole Levendofsky

AESC awarded Silver for 2020 Club Excellence

What an honor it is to be recognized with so many great clubs across the country! Congratulations to our athletes, coaches and parents!! Everyone...

By Nicole Levendofsky

Upcoming Team Events

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