To join the team, you must submit payment for the first month’s dues and your annual USA Swimming dues ($79 in 2021) or $5 USA-S current member transfer fee, and the water fee of $80 a year per family - $40 billed in April and Oct.

In keeping with our philosophy of providing a well-rounded, quality, competitive swimming program for young people of all ages and ability levels, the AESC Swim Club offers six levels of professional technique instruction and training. Coaches will place your child in the most appropriate group to start. They want your child to be successful in their group, and coaches will move swimmers to the next level only when the swimmer is ready to succeed at the next level.

*Promotions into groups are always at the coach's discretion.

Families of swimmers wishing to temporarily inactivate or cancel their AESC membership must submit a written statement to the Club at least 30 calendar days prior to the inactivation/cancellation date. Email correspondence sent to any AESC Board Member, coach or other leader qualifies as a written statement, so long as receipt is confirmed. However, members are encouraged to send such emails to Janet Stafford at [email protected]