Senior Development Team

About the Group:

The Senior Development group is designed specifically for swimmers that are middle school age, ranging in ability from beginner competitive to the top middle school swimmers in the state.  Coaches focus on the development of each individual while increasing speed and endurance.   Swimmers are able to progress through the program at their own rate to reach their potential and reach their goals. 


Expectations/Required Skill

  • Ages 11-14 
  • Expected to listen, show respect and be attentive to coaches
  • Expected to participate in team hosted and local swim meets.  Travel meets will be encouraged.
  • Committed to attending highest qualified championship meet for the season
  • Focus on increasing volume, aeorbic capacity, strength training and learning basic race pace training.
  • Demonstrate the four competitive strokes
  • Ability to continuously swim 30 minutes
  • 6x200 IM @ 3:20 (SCY)
  • 10x100 K @ 2:00
  • 16x100 FS @ 1:30

Join Today!

Swimmers interested in joining American Energy Swim Club need to attend a scheduled tryout and be evaluated by a member of our coaching staff prior to registering for any practice group, including Pre-Comp. 

E-mail [email protected] to schedule a tryout.

Season Dates:

  • Short Course Season: 

Aug 1-Feb 28

  • Long Course Season:

Mar 1-July 31

Practice Location:

Edmond, OK

Stillwater, OK

Group Fees:

USA-S Registration Fee: $83 per year (insurance coverage)

Monthly Practice Fee:

Edmond: $142.00

Stillwater: $124.00
(billed on the first of each month to the credit card on file.)

Semi-annual Water Fee of $40 per family billed on Oct. 1 and April 1.

Volunteer Policy

Move-up Dates

(at coaches discretion)

April 1 

Aug 1 

Jan 1 


Required Equipment:

Kick board

Pull buoy

Fins (short or long)


Hand Paddles 

8" Finis Parachute

Old tennis shoes