Pre-Competitive Team


About the Group:

The Pre-Comp group is the perfect fit for those looking for their first experience with a competitive swim team while balancing their involvement in other activities. This training group is meant to bridge the gap between a child’s first experience with either a learn-to-swim program or a summer recreation swim team and a year-round competitive swim team.

*Promotions into groups are always at the coach's discretion.


Expectations/Required Skill

  • Able to swim 25 yards freestyle and 25 yards backstroke unassisted 
  • Have been introduced to all four competitive strokes
  • Expected to listen, show respect and be attentive to coaches

Join Today!

Swimmers interested in joining American Energy Swim Club need to attend a scheduled tryout and be evaluated by a member of our coaching staff prior to registering for any practice group, including Pre-Comp. 

E-mail [email protected] to schedule a tryout.

Season Dates:

  • Short Course Season: 

Aug 1-Feb 28

  • Long Course Season:

Mar 1-July 31

Practice Location:

Edmond, OK

Stillwater, OK

Group Fees:

USA-S Registration Fee: $83 per year (insurance coverage)

Monthly Practice Fee:

Edmond: $95.00

Stillwater: $94.00
(billed on the first of each month to the credit card on file.)

Semi-annual Water Fee of $40 per family billed on Oct. 1 and April 1.

Volunteer Policy

Move-up Dates

(at coaches discretion)

April 1 

Aug 1 

Jan 1 

Required Equipment:


Long fins