AESC is participating in USA Swimming’s National Fundraising Event, Swim-A-Thon. All of our swimmers will help raise funds for the club and the USA Swimming Foundation while participating in fun drills designed by Coach V. It’s a great way to combine our love of swimming with a great cause.

As we begin Swim-A-Thon, there are several items we would like share with each family as we move forward with our fundraiser. Objective is to actively involve each swimmer in this effort. By working together, we can jump in the pool and help our athletes raise the funds needed to reach our ultimate Goal!! This year, our Team Goal is to raise $30,000 for our club and we will be collecting donations through Swim-A-Thon Day, beginning on August 1 through September 14, 2019. Listed below are the essentials each parent should know about Swim-A-Thon! Please review and submit any questions you may have to  

  1. Day of Swim-A-Thon- Swimmers will swim and eat! We will have snacks for all to enjoy after they swim.
    1. All participants will begin swimming at 8:00am and end when Coach V is through with them or 2 hours, whichever comes first.
    2. Top donation prizes will be awarded Tuesday, September 17. These will be announced by email and swimmer can pick up their prize at the pool. 
  1. Earn Prizes- These prizes are in addition to prizes awarded by USA Swimming. (If listed prizes are not available an equal prize may be substituted)
    1. Pizza Party for practice group who raises most money
    2. Top 3 swimmers who earn money will receive a Metal AESC water bottle.
    3. All other swimmers who raise $200 or more will receive a plastic AESC Sport Bottle.


  1. Volunteer Hours- Watch for Service Hour jobs online and sign up as they are posted. We will need food donations, set-up crews, clean-up crews, etc. Be sure to watch your email for available Service Hours as we approach the event date.


  1. Donations - The team will be utilizing “TU Money” through Team Unify as our online donation website where friends and family members will have the option to post their donations using a credit card. TU Money also allows your swimmer to maximize donations and increase awareness of our fundraising activity through Facebook, Twitter and email blasts utilizing your current address book! All you need to do is log into your family account and click on the Fundraiser Banner on our homepage. From here, choose your swimmer from the ‘Participant’ box to begin the setup/editing of your swimmer’s profile. Next, you will personalize/update your swimmer’s profile page by filling in their fundraising goal, lap goal, and message template. You can even choose to upload a personal photo! Swimmers also have the option to place additional flare to their page from the Stock Photo Library provided by Team Unify. If you would like to edit your swimmer’s message template, simply click on the ‘Set Up’ tab and click inside the text box to personalize. It's that simple! Should you have any questions regarding fundraising for Swim-A-Thon, or about using TU Money to set-up your personal fundraising page, please email. Of course cash and check donations are also welcome! Just contact
  1. Corporate Sponsorships - In effort to achieve our goal of $30,000, we are offering Corporate Sponsorship opportunities. The Corporate Sponsorship Form is available on our website under the ‘Fundraising’ tab. Please print the letter and take it to your family doctor, favorite restaurant, or employer. Many businesses generally get excited for the opportunity to support local athletes.


Please have all donations turned in by 10:00am on September 14, 2019.