We are an approved vendor for Epic's Activity Funds, which means students enrolled in Epic may use their activity funds toward our learn-to-swim classes. Please review our Epic Registration Policy below before proceeding:

Registration & initial payment

We recommned you register your child when you are ready to begin classes. Note that payment is required before a child is permitted to begin classes. Therefore, you are responsible for all initial fees due at registration.

Immediately after registering, you may request that Marlin Swim School/KMSC send an invoice to Epic for your Activity Fund. We recommend you do this right away, as Epic can take 30 days to process an invoice. If we have not received funds prior to your next billing cycle, you will be responsible for payment.

To request an invoice for your Activty Fund

  1. Email us at [email protected].
  2. State your child's first and last name. 
  3. Include your child's Epic ID number, if applicable.
  4. Specify how much you are requesting from your Activity Fund, and the duration this covers. For example: $436, lessons from Sept.-Dec.

We will generate the invoice within a few days and copy you on the email sent to Epic. Note that you are responsible for knowing whether your Activity Fund has sufficient funds for the request. We do not have access to that information. 

If Epic replies with any issues, we will let you know.

Receiving Epic Activity Funds

Once we have received the funds, we will credit your account with the amount. Once your funds have been exhausted, you are responsible for any payments due. If you plan to request more Epic funds, we suggest you do so a month prior to when your existing funds run out to avoid any lapse in payment. Please make sure your account is up-to-date with a credit card or ACH on file. 

One final note ...

Remember that we do not have access to Epic Activity Fund information, which means you must be aware of the funds you have available. Additionally, we will not invoice Epic without direction from you, even after your funds have been exhausted. At that time, you must follow the steps above to request additional funding.