SwimAmerica Frequently Asked Questions

What age does my child have to be?
Our classes are available for ages 3 and up. Children must be potty-trained to enroll. For adult learn-to-swim classes, please email us at [email protected].

How often are lessons offered?
Classes are offered two days per week -- Mondays and Wednesdays, or Tuesdays and Thursdays. A variety of times are available. If you don't see a time that is convenient, please continue to check back with us. Class times vary during the year.

Do you offer a Saturday class?
At this time, we only offer private lessons on Saturdays. To inquire, email us at [email protected].

How do I know which Station my child belongs in?
Please take a moment to read through the Station descriptions listed here. If you are still uncertain after reading the descriptions, please call us at 405-845-KMSC (5672) or email us at [email protected] to request an evaluation. However, if after your child begins a class it is apparent a different class would be better, we'll alert you right away.

How long will my child be in each Station?
Every child progresses at a different rate. This is expected and normal. Your child may quickly proceed through one station but could benefit from extra time in another. Additionally, some stations typically take longer to complete, particularly as the skills required become more challenging.

However, it is important to remember that the Marlin Swim School SwimAmerica program is technique-oriented and goal-driven. Our professionally-trained instructors are focused on teaching your child proper technique and will not rush your child through any station. By being goal-driven, each participant has a clear path to move on to the next station.

But why is my child taking longer than his friend, who's already moved to another station?
Children of the same age can be years apart developmentally, physically and emotionally. We recognize this and accept it. As experienced swim coaches, our instructors know that some children will need more time with certain skills, and that's OK! If you have additional questions about your child specifically, please contact the program director or supervisor on site.

What happens when my child moves to another station?
If that particular station is in the water during your child's class time, she'll move right away. How exciting! If not, she can attend the new station for her next class. In some cases, this will require your class time to change. The program director or supervisor will assist you in determining the new class time.

Why should my child wear a cap?
Imagine taking your first strokes of freestyle, then turning your head to breathe, only to be greeted by a mouthful of hair. Instead of inhaling air, your focused on how to get the hair out of your mouth. This is a distraction we often see during classes. By eliminating this distraction, we are giving your child the time to focus on the skills being taught.

What kind of swim suit do you recommend?
Girls should wear one-piece suits that fit snugly. Boys should wear a suit that fits tightly around the waist (or ties tightly). Loose suits can get in the way of your child learning proper technique. We don't want them worried about pulling up straps that have fallen off the shoulders or swim trunks that fall to the knees after pushing off the wall. Please visit the Swim Shop next to the warm-water pool for great suit options.

Are goggles required?
We strongly recommend that your child wear properly-fitting goggles. In our experience, once children are comfortable wearing goggles, they are more eager to discover the world underwater. Please visit the Swim Shop next to the warm-water pool for great goggle options.

I need to switch my class time. What should I do?
Email us at [email protected] with your requested new time. Note that we do not make changes for single classes. If you request a change, this will be your new class time from that point forward. 

What is your teacher-student ratio?
For Stations 1, we offer a 1:3 ratio. Station 2, we offer a 1:4 ratio, and Station 3 - 6, we offer a 1:5 ratio.  For Pre-Prep, the ratio is 1 coach for every 7 participants.

What should we expect at each class?
Each class will begin with a review of previously-learned skills, specifically breath control and bobs. The coach will then introduce new skills or continue teaching techniques that are part of that station. Expect each class to be a little different, as the coach will try different drills and have participants practice in and out of the water. 

Do you offer makeup classes?
We will offer makeup classes when class is canceled due to facility issues or weather. If your child misses class for a personal reason, we cannot offer you a makeup time.